An associate degree is a 2-year degree but attending online allows you the flexibility to earn your degree at your own pace. A student typically earns an associate’s degree after completing 20 courses or 60 credits of degrees. Not all colleges or universities offer an associate degree. Associate degrees are often given at community colleges. Students often move to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Getting accelerated associate’s online degrees can be an efficient and inexpensive way to quickly get an associate degree online. Online associate degrees depend on your long-term goals and career goals. As a working adult, you may find it difficult to allocate time to graduate and you may not have time to take a break from work to earn a full-time degree. Accelerated online degrees for working adults offer benefits that are specifically tailored to your career goals and objectives.

How Fast Can I Get My Associate Degree?

Earning an associate’s degree offers the opportunity for a better salary and more job opportunities, but finding time to earn one can be challenging. Students are often asked to keep their current job and balance work and their Personal life (or at least one) while also attending school.

Fortunately, online education has changed that a lot. With the convenience and flexibility of an online degree program, students who are required to have a job at school can do so. This includes the ability to decide where and when you want to take the courses. The online associate degree enables working adults like you to earn their associate degree quickly, same day, next day, or within 7 days. You choose the speed.

What Are Accelerated Online Associate Degree Programs?

Accelerated online programs enable students to graduate faster than ever before. This option is particularly aimed at those in the military, healthcare, and business sectors who are often under pressure and want to advance their careers quickly to move on to your next phase of education earlier.

In particular, online programs can offer the same degrees in less time than traditional on-campus programs. For example, you can get your healthcare professional’s degree in 18 months instead of two years.

Most accelerated programs compress class schedules into five or seven-week sessions instead of the typical 16 week periods. They also use the summer and offer courses all year round. Make college more affordable than ever.

1.  Online Associate In Business Administration:

Online Associate In Business Administration

Develop knowledge and skills in accounting, business law, human resource management, and marketing in Southern New Hampshire University’s Associate of Science in Business Administration program. The online associate’s degree in business administration is perfect for students looking to start or advance their careers but need a college education to achieve their goals.

With an AS in Business Administration, you’ll develop the business skills employers want to see. Upon graduation, you will be positioned for success as a team leader or division leader in retail, human resources, or various other business settings. Tasks like keeping records, ordering supplies, and talking to customers.

If your goal is to continue to pursue a more advanced business degree, the Associate Program of Business Administration can be a good place to start. With a credential that can be completed in half the time for a bachelor’s degree, you have an opportunity to show employers what you’ve accomplished so far.

Curriculum for Online Associate of Business Administration Degree Programs:

The courses have been developed with industry experts and are designed to help you lay a solid foundation for the business. You will learn the most important principles and practices in accounting, business law, economics, marketing, management, and human resources.

Below is some sample course titles representative of the core curriculum of an online business administration associate program. Note that these titles have been sourced from Bakers College identified by our editors:

Business Administration Major: (45 Credit Hours)

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Business Electives
  • Business Law
  • Introduction to Business
  • Organizational Behavior and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Work Experience

General Education Requirements: (15 Credit Hours)

  • Composition and Critical Thinking I
  • Composition and Critical Thinking II
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Statistical Method
  • Self and Society

Schools for Accelerated Online Associate Degrees in Business Administration:

Finding an Associate in Business Administration online could be the perfect option for those who balance full-time employment and/or family responsibilities with their educational activities.  An Associate Degree in Business Administration is a stepping stone to a high-paying job and a lucrative career. Employers want a proactive candidate to take that extra step toward a degree while working or raising a family. Young students who have not yet decided on a career choose this degree because it adds to their experience and helps in any job they do.

Here is a list of some best online associate’s in Business Administration Programs:

1.      Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University:

Embry-Riddle was founded as a school of aviation in 1939 and trained pilots during World War II. Since then, the facility has expanded to three main physical locations, with locations around the world and online. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration requires 60 credits to complete.  It is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

2.      Pennsylvania State University:

Penn State launched its World Campus online in 1998 and currently offers more than 150 courses entirely online. The Associate of Science degree in business administration offered by Penn State requires 60 credits at a cost of approximately $ 600 per credit. It is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

3.      Strayer University:

Strayer University Associate in Arts in Business Administration program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in business or government. Courses in accounting, economics, business law, management, marketing, and information technology sharpen your understanding of the market.

Strayer is accredited or certified by three organizations to ensure that our degrees are recognized and respected by employers and other institutions. From faculty to curriculum to services and finance, we are committed to meeting quality standards so you can earn a diploma that you are proud to show.

4.      Southern New Hampshire University:

Founded in 1932 as a private specialized accounting school, SNHU provides education to more than 135,000 students through its campus and online. The fully online Associate of Science degree in Business requires 60 credits at a cost of $ 320 per credit. Students can transfer up to 45 credits to an associate degree. It is regionally accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE).


2.  Accelerated Associate in Criminal Justice Online:

For students interested in law enforcement and justice, completing an associate degree in criminal justice can be a strategic step toward a fulfilling career. With an associate’s, you may be able to find employment as a security officer, law enforcement officer, victim’s lawyer, or social worker. To prepare you for a career in criminal justice, study judicial process, law enforcement, correctional facilities, law, ethics, and criminology.

An accelerated degree in criminal justice can help you prepare to fight crime and make the world a safer place. You may already have basic skills such as Critical thinking, Leadership, Great verbal and non-verbal communication skills, a high physical fitness level. These are skills that can make you a great candidate for a criminal justice degree. You must also have a strong desire to help others and enforce the law.

Curriculum for Online Accelerated Associate of Criminal Justice Programs:

Applicants can find a variety of courses on their online criminal justice staff program depending on the school and concentration. However, many programs have core classes similar to those listed below.

1.      Introduction to the Criminal Justice System:

This introductory course, required by all criminal justice students, compares the roles of police, courts, and corrections, introduces students to the principles and concepts of criminal justice and law enforcement terminology, and also highlights the current challenges facing by criminal justice agencies and institutions.

2.      Police Administration and Operations:

Students examine the principles and workflows of police administration and police organizations of all kinds. The course applies management theories and best practices to police administration. Topics are the selection, training, promotion, and socialization of civil servants; Community policy; and the conflicting roles and challenges that police officers face today.

3.      Criminal Investigations:

Participants in this course will examine the investigative process from preserving the crime scene to preparing the case and presenting it in court. The course emphasizes the importance and legal significance of evidence.

4.      Correctional Systems:

This introduction to the U-Correction System provides a comprehensive overview for students who wish to enter positions in corrections. The course covers probation, the death penalty, prisoner rights, special populations, and the safety of staff and inmates.

5.      Forensics:

This course examines the principles, theories, and practices of forensics, the types of investigations that are conducted at the crime scene, and other applications of forensics commonly used in criminal justice. Death examinations, evidence gathering techniques, and physical evidence analysis on-site and in the laboratory.

Schools for Accelerated Online Associate in Criminal Justice:

Some school list is of a college or university that must be regionally accredited and offer degree programs online or in a hybrid format.

1.      Peirce College:

Pierce offers an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice on campus and online for students pursuing a career in law enforcement or a related field. Students can also combine the two formats for a hybrid online/on-campus approach. The college awards conditional acceptance to all applicants. All associate in criminal justice students pays the same per-credit tuition rate regardless of residency.

The program’s 61-credit curriculum covers the use of technology in the criminal justice system, effective communication, and ethical issues that law enforcement professionals face. The degree provides a solid foundation for graduates of Pierce’s criminal justice, which typically require an additional two years to complete.

2.      Pamlico Community College:

Located in Grantsboro, North Carolina, PCC offers a criminal justice technology associate who prepares graduates to work in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, probation, and personal security. The curriculum focuses on the tools and technologies law enforcement officers use to conduct investigations.

The program’s 67-credit curriculum includes courses in victimology, legal proceedings, and community police. One course explores the history of organized crime and how it continues to affect communities today. Investigate crime scenes, collect and record evidence, and identify suspects.

3.      Trine university:

Trines’ online associate degree in criminal justice provides students with the education and experience they need to be skilled law enforcement, correctional and probation officers. While many graduates take on entry-level jobs right away, the 60-credit program also blends seamlessly into Bachelor of Criminal Justice Colleges.

All courses take place online and use an asynchronous format so students can view lectures and complete assignments in their own time. New courses start every eight weeks, and students can start the program at different times during the year. Full-time students can complete the program in one year.


3.  Accelerated Associate of Accounting Online:

Accelerated Associate of Accounting Online

Build the accounting and business skills employers want with an online Associate of Science (AS) in Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University. The Associate’s Degree in Accounting is perfect for professionals entering an accounting-related field or looking to lay the groundwork for advanced training in accounting or economics.

Once you earn your associate degree, you’ll be prepared to jump into entry-level roles in your industry. You’ll learn how to apply financial, managerial, and cost accounting principles to your daily work and become an asset to any company. In the associate in accounting program, you’ll learn how to Identify organizations that establish accounting standards regulations, Maintain financial records and statements, Analyze, interpret and present information to stakeholders, Identify the steps in the ethical decision-making process.

The curriculum of Accelerated Accounting Associate Degrees:

This 60 credit online curriculum provides a foundation for essential accounting principles and practices. You will understand how to handle a company’s finances, the basics of economics, statistics, and how marketing plays a role in the world of accounting. You will be taught by instructors who have professional qualifications and experience in accounting, taxation, and fraud prevention.

Throughout your studies, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of accounting. Some expected courses in your associate in accounting program include:

1.      Financial Accounting:

Study the steps of the accounting cycle and how to prepare financial statements. You will develop skills in analyzing financial accounting information, communicating with interested parties, and accounting procedures.

2.      Managerial Accounting:

Explore the financial implications of business decisions. Learn how to use accounting and productivity information to improve business performance. With new data acquisition skills, you can plan growth strategies and make informed decisions.

3.      Intermediate Accounting I:

Examine foundational concepts including the accounting cycle, journal, and adjusting entries. You’ll learn to address accounting scenarios by applying theory and using proper accounting standards.

4.      Federal Taxation I:

Learn about current tax laws, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and relevant source documents for federal tax returns for individuals. Using the applicable tax laws, you will learn how to prepare tax returns for private individuals.

These courses are taught by teachers with extensive accounting experience. They have been developed by subject matter experts and provide you with the relevant specialist knowledge in accounting that you need to get started with accounting. However, according to our own faculty, accountants should be more than a technical area of ​​accounting.

Schools for Accelerated Online Associate of Accounting:

1.      University of Alaska Fairbanks:

Founded in 1917, the University of Alaska Fairbanks has an excellent reputation today, partly for its high quality research schools and the institution’s commitment to a student-centered approach in applied accounting. This 60-credit degree includes the school’s Bookkeeping Technician Certificate and Professional Bookkeeping Verification and is designed to build the knowledge base of both entry-level and intermediate-level professionals for a career in accounting. as well as topics like payroll, fund accounts for nonprofits, and spreadsheets for microcomputers.

2.      Pamlico Community College:

Founded in 1962, Pamlico Community College remains a particularly notable member of North Carolina’s community college system, in large part due to the variety of affordable degrees the school uses to transfer high school students, distance students, and professionals. The 37-credit degree typically lasts about a year and provides students with the skills they need for an entry-level position in accounting and management in the public and private sectors.

3.      Southern New Hampshire University:

Since its founding between the cities of Manchester and Hooksett in 1932, Southern New Hampshire University has built a remarkable reputation for delivering quality instruction at affordable tuition fees. The school is a fully online Associate in accounting program which is accredited by the Accredited Council of Business Schools and Programs.


4.  Accelerated Online Associate in IT:

Accelerated Online Associate in IT

An associate’s degree in information technology can give you the skills to do entry-level jobs related to computing, networking, or media. They can provide IT support services to companies or individuals, or develop or maintain corporate websites. Graduates are employed as technology managers or network specialists. Indeed, skilled tech workers are in high demand in many industries.

An associate’s degree in information technology can give you the skills to do entry-level jobs related to computing, networking, or media. They can provide IT support services to companies or individuals, or develop or maintain corporate websites. Graduates are employed as technology managers or network specialists. Indeed, skilled tech workers are in high demand in many industries.

The curriculum of Accelerated Associate Degrees in Information Technology:

The coursework and Curriculum of Accelerated Associate Degree in IT include the following courses:

1.      Systems Analysis and Design:

In this course, students will learn how to design and build computer systems. Students learn how to analyze a business case, identify system requirements, and implement a system that meets certain specifications. Course topics include system architecture, user interface design, and physical system design.

2.      Introduction to Web Design and Development:

In web design and development courses, students learn the basics of creating websites. You can use HTML to populate a site with text, graphics, links, and other elements. Students can also examine current research and discuss trends in web design and development. .

3.      Networking and Telecommunications:

This course provides an overview of the data communication and network technologies used by organizations. The class can also cover the theory and design of computer networks. Students learn about signal modulation, digital packet switching and routing, and systems integration.

4.      Database Concepts:

In database courses, students get to know the basic principles and structures of database management systems. Students examine the basic terminology of the database and examine data modeling and database design. Students can also learn to use structured query languages ​​and popular database applications.

5.      Introduction to Programming:

The students learn the basics of structured and object-oriented programming languages. The course can introduce several common programming languages ​​and explain their applications in business. Students gain experience in problem-solving, information processing, and application development using languages ​​such as C ++ and Java.

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Information Technology:

If you’re hoping to start with an associate’s degree, these are the top 3 associates in information technology online.

1.      Florida State College – Jacksonville:

There are many reasons Florida State College – Jacksonville is the best on this list. The information technology program is affordable (7 points), fast (1 point), and 100% online (1 point) and has flexible registration (1 point). In addition to these benefits, this program wowed Best College Reviews researchers with its alternative ways to earn college credits (1 wow-factor point) and by offering technical certificates and specifications (1 point each).

2.      Broward College:

Broward College ranks second on the list of Best Associate Degrees in Online Information. The benefit is that Broward College has partnerships with leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Cisco, which provides students with a good position for career opportunities after graduation. Students looking for an online AS in information technology that covers all the fundamentals but also prepares them for the workforce may want to attend Broward College.

3.       St. Petersburg College:

St Petersburg College prepares students for entry-level roles in IT through its online staff in the information technology program. The curriculum contains an interesting balance of courses on data technology, computer assistance, and more.


5.  Online Accelerated Associate Degree in Healthcare Management/Healthcare Administration:

Online Accelerated Associate Degree in Healthcare ManagementHealthcare Administration

If you’re looking to help organizations deliver quality healthcare services to patients, consider an Associate Degree in Healthcare Management. This program can help you find a job as a medical assistant, healthcare information manager, or care facility administrator. During your schooling, you will study finance, communication, marketing, and project management. You’ll also learn computer skills that can help you keep electronic records and run an office smoothly.

The curriculum of Accelerated Online Associate of Healthcare Management:

The individual courses and the required curriculum vary from program to program. Not all courses or concentrations are offered at every school. There are a few core concepts that are covered in most online colleges for medical office administration. These courses can be found at most online schools:

1.      U.S. Healthcare System:

Before a student can work in a medical office, it is important that they familiarize themselves with the past and present health care system in the United States. This class helps illuminate everything from insurance billing to pharmaceutical costs.

2.      Healthcare Management:

Most schools offer more than one health administration class. From business management to optimal organization of health offices, these courses can vary in focus, but all serve to prepare students for work in health administration.

3.      Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare:

Healthcare administrators take care of patients’ confidential and private information. Understanding the ethical and legal requirements of the job is an important part of protecting yourself and the office.

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Healthcare Management:

Some of the best schools that offer Online Associate Degree In Healthcare Management Includes:

1.      Oklahoma State University:

The AS in Healthcare Administration program at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City ensures that students are fully prepared for careers in the growing healthcare industry by focusing on a wide range of subjects including administration, office work, medical Healthcare billing and coding, sales, and marketing, and customer service.

2.      Waldorf University:

Waldorf University offers a management-oriented version of an AA in Health Care Administration. This program is ideal for students who want to continue their education as the school provides a path to the undergraduate program.

The Waldorf U.S associate program lasts for two full years as a full-time student. This program earns a Best College Review point for the flexibility of studying full-time or part-time. However, studying part-time in this program takes longer.

3.      Bryan University:

Earning an AS in Healthcare Administration from Bryan University is a highly affordable and flexible choice. With courses that cover mand angles of the healthcare industry, Bryan University’s healthcare administration students learn leadership skills like problem-solving and decision-making to prepare them for work after graduation.


6.  Accelerated Online Associate in Paralegal Studies:

Accelerated Online Associate in Paralegal Studies

As with an Associate Degree in Legal Studies, a Paralegal Associate Degree program can help you prepare for working in a law office. However, this particular degree program is specifically designed to become a paralegal. Your degree program may qualify you to sit for the Certified Paralegal Examination.

As a paralegal, you will likely work with lawyers and help them prepare for their cases. Tasks can include conducting research and reports, and your company can bill customers for the work it does on your behalf. Learn more about the law and investigate legal issues. Their courses will help you prepare to work with contracts, conduct interviews, and investigate previous cases.

Curriculum for Online Associate in Paralegal Studies:

The curriculum for an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies is designed to prepare students for work in a law office. Students enrolled in such a program will study subjects of legal writing, research, and office administration. You will also be trained in various legal forms including real estate law, tax law, international law, corporate law, and more. Certain classes vary by school, but some examples of course titles are given below for your reference:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Law and Court Procedure
  • Real Estate and Property
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Litigation for Paralegals
  • Foundations of Law
  • Criminal Practice and Procedure

Accelerated Online Associate of Paralegal Studies Schools:

Students who want a fast online associate in paralegal studies should consider these universities for them.

1.      University of Providence:

The University of Providence In Great Falls offers an associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies in a blended format. Students are required to complete 10 credits on campus. The 28-credit course includes Introduction to Para legalism, Commercial Law, Introduction Legal Analysis, Litigation and Trial Practice, Legal Research, and Writing.

2.      Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers an online degree in Paralegal Studies that is known to prepare students for careers. Records show that more than 90% of graduates successfully find employment. The 39 credits coursework includes Legal Communication, Litigation, Theories of Liability, Legal Research, Ethics, Law, and Society, etc.

3.      Keiser University

Keiser University offers an online Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies to help students develop key skills such as critical thinking, communication, and legal writing. The 60 credits coursework includes legal research and writing; civil litigation; wills, trusts, and estates; family law; torts law; contracts, real property among others.


7.  Fire Science Accelerated Associate Degree Online:

Fire Science Accelerated Associate Degree Online

Rescuing people and buildings from dangerous fires can be an extremely fulfilling career, but it’s important to gain the proper training. Whether you already have a job in this field or are just starting out, a fire science associate can help you gain valuable information about fire science. You will also learn about combustion, fire fighting, fire safety, and legal regulations. Students often study other fire and rescue services. After graduation, you can opt for further training with certification or a bachelor’s program.

Curriculum for Online Associate in Fire Science Degree Programs:

Although specific course requirements vary by program, below are three common major requirements in online fire science associate degree programs.

1.      Fire behavior and combustion:

This course deals with the physical and chemical properties of fire, the scientific process of its combustion, and the components of water as a fire-fighting agent. Students will learn how to light and burn fires so they can develop a better strategy to prevent and put them out.

2.      Introduction to fire prevention:

Students explore fire safety inspection procedures, the history and philosophy of fire prevention, and standard practices for fire safety education and preparation.

3.      Principles of fire and emergency services:

This course introduces students to the structure of fire and rescue service organizations, including the components involved in preventing and responding to fire and emergency situations.

 Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Fire Science:

Students looking for fast online degrees in fire science will find options in these schools mention below:

1.      Navarro College:

Navarro College hosts two online degrees in Associate Fire Science: an Associate in Applied Science in Fire Science Protection and an Associate Fire Officer in Applied Science. Both programs are professionally oriented and offer 60 hours of credit, including courses such as Fundamentals of Fire Safety, Building and Construction Codes for Fire Safety, and Fire Fighting Strategies and Tactics.

2.      St. Petersburg College:

St. Petersburg College offers a 60-credit hour online associate’s in fire science program featuring an optional Fire Officer Supervisor certificate. The curriculum for the program is three-pronged and is comprised of general education requirements, major core courses, and elective courses. Core course titles include Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health, Private Fire Protective Services, and Firefighting Tactics and Strategy, while elective classes include Fire Codes and Standards, Legal Issues for Safety Officers, and Fire Cause and Origin Determination.

3.      Northern Virginia Community College:

Northern Virginia Community College offers 67 credit hours online associate’s degree in fire science to get you started or advance your career in fire science. The curriculum of the program is mandatory and includes course titles such as fire protection systems, fire and hazard analysis, fire protection hydraulics, and water supply as well as legal aspects of the fire service.


8.  Online Accelerated Associate in Early Childhood Education:

Online Accelerated Associate in Early Childhood Education

Earning an online associate in early childhood education can prepare students for entry-level childcare jobs, including preschool teachers, teaching assistants, and babysitters. An associate degree introduces students to early childhood education concepts like holistic child development and an age-appropriate curriculum for young children.

Many graduates with an early childhood education employee subsequently earn a bachelor’s degree that meets the minimum requirements for a license to teach in all states. Graduates with a staff member in early childhood education can gain experience in childcare workers to gain experience in teaching careers. Many early childhood education programs offer a variety of convenient and affordable online degree options.

Curriculum for Online Associate in Early Childhood Education:

The Curriculum for online Associate in Early Education includes:

  • Psychology of Childhood
  • Professionalism and Growth in the Early Childhood Education Field
  • Principles of Education
  • Family, School, and Community
  • Children’s Play and Learning
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Education

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Early Childhood Education:

For students desiring the fastest path to a career in early childhood education, there are a few schools that offer accelerated online associate degrees in the field.

Rochester College:

Rochester College’s Bachelor of Early Childhood Education is an accelerated early childhood education program that not only prepares students for fieldwork but also gathers experience in everything from professional ethics to practical techniques. Development and skills, students will use their studies, combined with practice and theory, to prepare for working with families and children and a variety of settings.

Eastern Kentucky University:
The online Child and Family Studies Degree in Eastern Kentucky is one of the top accelerated early childhood education programs in the country. Not only do students have the opportunity to take part in a diverse program, but they can also develop a rewarding career. You will develop the skills necessary to create strong families and positively impact their communities.

MidAmerica Nazarene University:

MidAmerica Nazarene University’s Unified Accelerated Elementary Education program prepares students for certification in both primary and special education. In addition to being flexible, these programs are specifically designed for working adults. Classes are fully available online until students need to receive their classroom experience.


9.  Accelerated Online Associate Degrees in Marketing:

Accelerated Online Associate Degrees in Marketing

To enter the world of sales and retail, you may consider beginning your college education with an associate’s degree in the marketing program. People often earn this degree in anticipation of a career in customer service, advertising, or public relations. You may be responsible for marketing a company, service, or product through social media, catalogs, trade shows, or networks. An employee in a marketing program generally covers topics such as accounting, economics, statistics, and communication.

Curriculum for Associate in Marketing Online Programs:

The Curriculum for Associate in Marketing Online Programs include:

1.      Marketing Management:

These courses focus on how students can help businesses, groups, and individuals develop successful strategies. Some courses include decision simulation where students can experience what a real-life situation looks like.

2.      Mathematics for Business:

Marketing involves math and economics, so math courses help students acquire the skills required for the profession. Students start with different levels of math skills, but these courses break down the information and make it easy to understand. Students learn topics such as discounts and interest formulas. , Prices of goods, investments, and statistics.

3.      Marketing Research:

This course provides valuable information. Participants in this course examine data collection and analysis for individual markets and create a marketing plan from it. These courses often end with a project that includes market research and reporting the results to provide students with an applicable experience.

4.      Selling Principles:

In this course, learners study and practice various sales strategies and techniques. Students also examine human behavior and how to use it in practice.

5.      Advertising Management:

This course helps students master the careful thinking and planning that advertising requires. Students observe the advertising process as an advertising campaign is planned, implemented, and monitored. Students learn to apply and prepare these techniques in exercises and simulated projects. Knowledge in future careers.

Schools for Accelerated Online Associate of Marketing Programs:

1.      Milwaukee Area Technical College:

Milwaukee Area Technical College’s online associates in the marketing degree program are technically associates in marketing management. Courses comprising the curriculum for the program include Selling Principles, Marketing Research, Negotiation Skills, and Sales Management. The college offers a hybrid option as well as an accelerated format. Associates in marketing online students who choose the accelerated schedule can complete the program within 16 months.

2.      Ashworth College:

Ashworth College offers an extremely affordable online marketing option for employees. The program follows a prescribed curriculum and includes course titles such as Microeconomics, Retail Principles, Consumer Shopping Behaviors, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Lessons, assignments, and assessments are done entirely online, and students have the freedom to work at their own pace.

3.      California Coast University:

California Coast University offers flexible online associates in marketing degree programs. The program’s curriculum in business marketing includes core courses such as Customer Service, Advertising and Promotions, Marketing Management, and Entertainment Marketing and Communications.


10. Online Accelerated Graphic Design Associate Degree:

An associate degree in graphic design is the essential first step in becoming a graphic designer. As more Americans turn to entrepreneurship, graphic designers are among those with the skills and creativity to do it. Marketing makes self-promotion so much easier.

There are many uses and needs for a competent, skilled, and well-educated graphic designer. Every business or industry needs advertising and marketing, and these professionals fit the bill, having skills in website design, interactive design, typography, and everything else needed to draw in viewers, readers, and visitors to a business.

The curriculum of Online Associate in Graphic Design:

Although exact courses differ based on the program, most online associate in graphic design students explores foundational concepts in graphic design, digital art, and typography. The following list features five of the most common courses in these programs.

  • Principles of Interactive Design
  • Introduction to Computer Illustration
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Introduction to Typography

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Graphic Design:

The Best schools that offer the Fastest Online Association Degrees in Graphic Design include:

1.      Penn Foster College:

Flexible and highly affordable, Penn Foster College’s specialty is quality online degrees. Penn’s low-cost online associate in graphic design covers topic areas most commonly used in the field. Among the courses required for the online associates includes photo image editing, multimedia development, HTML coding, Dreamweaver, and art appreciation. Graduates of Penn’s online graphic design degree enter the workforce prepared for a wide variety of professional settings.

2.      Foothill College:

Based out of California, Foothill College has a large student body from around the globe. Foothill has an AA in graphic and interactive design; this online graphic design program provides immersive training in web design, UI/UX design, and illustration. There are 58 credit hours required for the major and additional courses in math and English communication.

3.      St. Charles Community College:

Founded in 1986, St. Charles Community College has many types of associate degrees and certifications. St. Charles’s online degrees include associates in arts and graphic design. This 66-credit degree is a combination of the humanities, engineering, and design. Courses; These courses include drawing, western art history, digital art studies, 2D design, and algebra.


11.  Accelerated Online Associate in Liberal Arts:

Accelerated Online Associate in Liberal Arts

With an emphasis on communication, argument, and critical thought, an associate degree in liberal arts can help students build a generalized knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, from humanities and social sciences to foreign languages. The broad scope of these curricula prepares you for a range of entry-level careers, but many programs also allow concentrations in a specific subject, such as psychology, fine arts, or business administration. An online liberal arts associate degree also lays the foundation for a more advanced degree, such as a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate, while increasing your earning potential in the short term.

Curriculum of Online Associate in General Studies or Liberal Arts:

Some sample course titles are listed below for reference, but keep in mind that specific classes will vary depending on the school and program.

  • Introduction to Humanities
  • Perspectives in the Social Sciences
  • The Human Behavior Perspective
  • Integrated Life Science
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Women, Gender and Culture
  • Composition & Rhetoric
  • Schools for Accelerated Associate of Liberal Arts and General Studies Degrees Online.

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts:

1.      Trinity valley community college:

TVCC maintains its flagship campus in Athens, Texas, enrolling over 4,000 students each year. The school offers distance education opportunities through the Canvas platform, with degree options like an online associate of arts in liberal arts. By completing this flexible program, candidates can access direct transfer pathways for baccalaureate completion.

2.      Pamlico Community College:

Established in 1962 as an industrial education center, PCC now offers comprehensive academic and technical programs. Its catalog contains an associate of arts that centers on a liberal arts curriculum. This 60-61-credit program provides successful graduates assured admission into any of the 16 institutions in the University of North Carolina System.


12. Online Accelerated Associate in Human Services:

Online Accelerated Associate in Human Services

An online associate degree in human services can lead to a variety of roles in social work and healthcare. The multidisciplinary degree examines fundamental topics in psychology, social work, and biology and prepares graduates for entry-level jobs in human service. Graduates can also continue their studies as part of a bachelor’s program.

A human services degree qualifies graduates for positions in human services, social work, and community leadership. Graduates with an associate in human services can pursue entry-level jobs — like a human services assistant — or further study through a bachelor’s degree, which expands career and salary opportunities.

Curriculum for Accelerated Online Human Services Associate Degrees:

Human Services is a broad field of study, so courses and topics can vary widely from school to school and from program to program. However, these curricula tend to focus on social and behavioral topics are listed below for reference:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Civic Engagement
  • Minority Relations
  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Working With Communities and Organizations
  • Foundations of Counseling
  • Chemical Dependency and Relapse Prevention

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Human Services:

1.      Cypress College (Cypress, CA):

The Associate of Arts in Human Services degree from Cypress College is part of Cypress College’s Social Sciences department and consists of professional and academic programs that can lead to professional credentials, as well as a transferable Associate of Arts degree. The human services professional has skills and knowledge in a wide variety of subject areas. Cypress College prides itself on providing the basic academic preparation required to enter these areas.

2.      Camden County College:

The Associate of Science degree in Human Services and Behavioral Science from Camden County College encompasses a broad spectrum of community work aimed at helping people. Many students earn a bachelor’s degree in human services.

3.      Coastline Community College:

An Associate of Arts in Human Services degree from Coastline Community College prepares students to work in the growing field of human services, a growing profession that addresses human needs and problems in the 21st century. It provides a general background for working with families, children, and adults and offers the student a pathway to pursue an associate or bachelor level degree.


13.  Accelerated Online Associate in Psychology:

Accelerated Online Associate in Psychology

Are you interested in the ways that people think and act? If so, you might want to go to school for an associate’s degree in psychology. Your coursework may include counseling, developmental psychology, relationships, human development, and personality. Graduates often find work in a variety of fields, such as B. home care, youth programs or case management, Health facilities, or rehabilitation facilities.

The field of psychology offers even more opportunities to those with bachelor’s degrees, so you might elect to transfer your credits to a four-year degree program after graduation.

Curriculum for Accelerated Psychology Associate Degrees Online:

Although course offerings vary by school, certain classes appear in most online associate programs. While electives and topic course offerings differ between programs, most online associate programs feature the classes below.

1.      Developmental Psychology:

This course introduces students to the emotional, cognitive, social, and physiological development of human beings from birth to old age, with special attention to major developmental milestones.

2.      Abnormal Psychology:

This course explores the origins, identifiable characteristics, and treatments for many mental health problems and disorders. By analyzing case studies and observing patient interviews, students are introduced to abnormal psychology, case analysis, and the experiences of people with mental illness.

3.      Psychology of Personality:

This course introduces students to the diversity of personalities and human characteristics. Students learn the typical causes, symptoms, and treatments of personality disorders, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment of clients with persistent personality-related problems.

4.      Counseling Skills:

This course provides an overview of the key roles and responsibilities of mental health professionals. This includes assessing the client, clarifying boundaries, handling, and transferring resources. Students also learn listening skills and other basic counseling techniques, such as Ways to build rapport and communication, Respect, authenticity, and customer service.

5.      Statistics:

Associate degrees in psychology usually require students to complete an introductory statistics course, which provides an overview of statistical methods such as correlation, regression, hypothesis testing, and descriptive statistics.

Schools for Online Accelerated Associate in Psychology Studies:

If you want the fastest online associate degrees in psychology so you can look out at these schools:


At the top of our list is the Florida Institute of Technology with its Associate of Arts in Applied Psychology. This program is offered entirely online for students who need the flexibility of online courses. Students must complete 61 credit hours to graduate.


Liberty University has an Associate of Arts in Psychology that requires 60 credit hours of coursework. Typically, this degree takes a year and a half to finish and is entirely online, offering flexibility to students who may want to complete the course of study online.


14.  Online Accelerated Associate in Human Resource Management:

Online Accelerated Associate in Human Resource Management

A focus on human resources can help you prepare for the common challenges you will face. Most schools offer you a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a focus on human resources.

HR professionals can specialize in areas such as recruiting, payroll, or training. Personality type often determines the particular aspect of human resources that an individual pursues. For example, someone who likes to work with numbers can become an accountant or payroll clerk, while someone who enjoys teaching and communicating can become a training specialist or developer.

Curriculum for Accelerated Online Human Resource Management Associate Degree:

Some sample course titles are listed below, but keep in mind that classes will vary by school and program:

  • Introduction to Human Resources
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Staffing
  • Employment Law
  • Introduction to Organizational Leadership
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training and Development

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Human Resource Management:

1.      London School of Economics and Political Science:

Designed by LSE, earn an online BSc in Business and Management from the University of London, without relocating. Ranked #2 in the world for social sciences and management analyzes international and local management issues through the lens of various social science disciplines.

2.      South Texas College:

This South Texas College degree is an online Associate of Applied Science in Human Resources Specialist degree. As an AAS, the coursework serves to prepare students for employment in which they work as assistants, technicians, specialists, and social benefits coordinators in HR departments and more.

3.      Colorado Christen University:

The online associate degree in human resource management at Colorado Christian University focuses on human resource management, leadership, management, business law, and organizational behavior. This program was designed with adult learners in mind, in particular, and, therefore, accommodates individual schedules without issue.


15.  Accelerated Online Associate of Engineering:

Accelerated Online Associate of Engineering

Engineering Degree is an excellent route for students who are good at math and science, enjoy hands-on work with technology, and don’t want to spend their time on lengthy study programs. According to the US Office for Labor Statistics (BLS), disciplines are associate degrees. The typical time to complete an associate degree in a field such as engineering is only two years. However, if you really want to get your degree faster and are ready to work to take a ton of intensive courses, it can speed up your education.

Accelerated Engineering Associate Online Programs: Curriculum:

Courses for employees in engineering programs vary by school. However, these curricula generally include introductory courses in engineering, math concepts, and technology. Depending on the college or university offering the program, course titles may include:

  • Engineering and Ethics
  • Microprocessor Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Dynamics
  • Technology and Society
  • Introduction to Solid Mechanics
  • Engineering Statistics
  • Differential Equations
  • Mechanics, Wave Motion, and Thermodynamics

Schools for Accelerated Online Associate in Engineering:

1.      University Of Maine:

If you are looking for accelerated engineering programs, the University of Maine has a program to help you achieve your goals. The Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering allows students to transfer credits from a community college or other universities as long as students complete at least 30 credit hours in college.

2.      Old Dominion University:

When you want an accelerated engineering degree online, Old Dominion University offers programs that meet your standards. Online college programs at the University are designed to work with the transfer of college students. This means you can improve your previous education and still complete your degree without wasting time.

3.      National University:

If you are looking for accelerated engineering degrees, National University has a solution to your goals. The school offers four-week courses to students in either of its two online engineering programs. It is one of the best Universities for an accelerated engineering degree.


16.  Accelerated Online Associate of Cybersecurity:

Accelerated Online Associate of Cybersecurity

An accelerated cybersecurity degree online program is designed to be earned in less time. It is a bachelor’s degree program for motivated students. Accelerated online degrees could allow students to take control of their education. An accelerated program allows students to study at their own pace. Plus, they know they can get their cybersecurity career moving forward as soon as possible.

Those enrolled in a personal program may need to spend more time and money earning their degree. Online accelerated degrees are perfect for students looking forward to entry-level careers. These programs are generally good for working professionals and part-time students.

The Curriculum for Accelerated Cybersecurity Associate Online Programs:

Accredited programs may also have to follow a curriculum consistent with best industry practices. These topics are typically being part of the program:

  • Cyber Threats
  • Data Analysis
  • Computer Systems
  • Cybercrime
  • Info Assurance Fundamentals
  • IT Systems
  • Policy, Ethics, Law, and Compliance
  • Cyber Defense
  • Intro to Cryptography
  • Ethical Hacking
  • General Computer Security

Schools that offer Fastest Online Associate Degrees in Cybersecurity:

Most associate degrees in cybersecurity (whether on campus or online) require at least two years of study. It is possible to find an accelerated option, however. For example,

1.       Western Nebraska Community College:

With three locations across the Nebraska Territory and an online presence, Western Nebraska Community College strives to provide high-quality education with rigorous study opportunities to all traditional and nontraditional students. WCCC prepares interested students to eventually enroll in an undergraduate program in cybersecurity.

2.      Minnesota West Community and Technical College:

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association, Minnesota West Community & Technical College delivers a rigorous online academic program for non-traditional students. MWCTC offers a 60 credit, 4 semesters Associate of Applied Science in Information Security and Assurance that teaches students how to bring networks into compliance by assessing, administering, and securing computer network systems.


17. Accelerated Associate in Finance Online:

Accelerated Associate in Finance Online

People interested in a career in finance need strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Knowledge of various software programs and the ability to communicate effectively lead to success in this area too. Finance is the cornerstone of most businesses. It makes sense that a finance degree is typically a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Finance. An online finance degree helps prepare you for both working in business and in finance.

 Curriculum for Online Finance Associate Degrees:

You’ll take classes like:

  • Ethics in Contemporary Organizations
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Principles of Investments
  • Social-Ethical-Regulatory Issues in Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Enterprise

These classes can help prepare you for a myriad of jobs in the financial sector. You can also take an accelerated finance degree with different concentrations.

Schools Offering Accelerated Online Associate in Finance Degrees:

1.      Davenport University:

DU’s associate in finance program offers an entirely online curriculum with required coursework covering topics like presentation techniques, intermediate algebra, and business law foundations. Graduates can transfer seamlessly into DU’s bachelors in finance program.

2.      Northeast Iowa Community College:

NICC’s online associate degree in finance features a 65-credit curriculum that includes courses in managerial accounting, the psychology of human relations, and the principles of macroeconomics. The program does not offer electives. Full-time students can graduate in four semesters. The college provides students and alumni with access to Career Hub — an online platform where users can take career interest inventories and network with potential employers.

3.      Johnston Community College:

JCC’s 63 credit associate program in accounting and finance includes the required courses in the principles of macroeconomics, corporate finance, and the measurement and literacy of math. Most students can complete the program in four semesters. The program offers all courses in an asynchronous format. Career counselors help student seekers prepare for interviews, research potential careers, and improve their job search skills. Students can also take advantage of College Central, a resource that provides career opportunities and additional career advice.


18.  Accelerated Online Medical Assistant Associate Degree:

Accelerated Online Medical Assistant Associate Degree

The medical field is always in demand. If you want to give healthcare a try, an associate’s degree in medical assisting may give you the opportunity to enter the field quickly without devoting years of your life to school. Assistants often record patient data, take their vitals, prepare examination areas and help doctors and nurses as needed. In addition, assistants may do office work and keep records in order.

Curriculum for Online Associate in Medical Assistance:

For example, students enrolling in these programs may study subjects such as medical office management, health information management and documentation, health insurance procedures, and health care legal and ethical issues. Course titles containing the curriculum for these programs can include:

  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Medical Billing/Insurance
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information
  • Essentials of Healthcare Documentation
  • Pharmacology
  • Computerized Medical Office Management
  • Medical Office Procedures With Insurance

Schools Offering Accelerated Online Associate of Medical Assistantship:

The School offering Accelerated Online associate of Medical Assistantship includes:

1.      Keiser University

Keiser’s 60-credit associate in medical assisting program emphasizes pharmacology, medical law and ethics, and computerized medical office management. Graduation requirements include an externship in medical assisting. Earning the degree qualifies graduates to sit for the registered medical assistant certification exam. More than 90% of Keiser’s medical assisting students find a job within six months of graduation. Keiser supports students’ professional advancement through resume critiques and mock interviews.

2.      State Fair Community College:

The SFCC’s online associate degree in healthcare includes courses in administrative procedures, pharmacology, and laboratory procedures. Students complete clinical rotations in medical offices on and around the SFCC campus in Sedalia, Missouri. The 61-credit program requires students to have a 3.0 GPA degree. As students near graduation, the SFCC provides interest assessments, resume and cover letter assistance, and a guide of best practices for interviews.


19.  Online Associate in COUNTERTERRORISM:

Online Associate in COUNTERTERRORISM

The Associate Degree in Counter-Terrorism Studies (AD) at American Public University examines the origins and motivations of terrorism, as well as the strategy and tactics of terrorism. Terrorism poses real challenges to the government and national security communities as different international terrorist groups each have their own leadership, motivation, political goals, and tactics.

Curriculum for Online Associate of COUNTERTERRORISM:

In a broad discipline like homeland security, courses vary significantly. The following section highlights common classes in online associate in homeland security programs, but readers should note that titles and descriptions may differ.

  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Disaster Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Criminology
  • Ethics of Homeland Security

Schools for Accelerated Online Associate Degrees in COUNTERTERRORISM:

1. Peninsula College:

The Peninsula College online Associate of Technology in Homeland Security/Emergency Management includes topics in which students gain practical experiences and work opportunities that utilize emergency management technologies. Students gain an excellent foundational understanding of the laws and policies governing homeland security, law enforcement, and criminal justice.

Guilford Technical Community College:

Guilford Technical College has designed the online Emergency Medical Science programs to have a foundation in technical and professional knowledge in the delivery of emergency services at the state and local government levels. There are one Associate’s Degree and two Certificate Options available to online students, and the degree is equivalent to a Homeland Security program. Some positions of employment taken on by graduates include those in government agencies, housing agencies, hospitals, and more.



Can I get an associate’s degree in one year?
yes, One way to get your associate degree in just a year is to consult with a licensing representative or professional mentor. Counseling is usually free to universities that offer it and can help you plan your university life. What can be planned can be how many classes you will take per semester, what days you will be in school (and what time) and when you will work (if necessary).
Can you get a bachelors in 2 years?
A bachelor’s degree will typically take 4 years of sitting in class. But testing out of classes (credit by exam) and 8-week online classes are the turbo-boost needed to finish your bachelor’s degree in 2 years. You still complete a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year. You just do it in half the time.


My Verdict:

An accelerated online associate degree program offers opportunities for your future. While you can start your career in a sought-after occupation, an associate’s degree primarily prepares you for advanced degrees and more potential. The key is to choose a field that will allow you to maximize your potential and achieve your goals. You can make a decent income by focusing on well-paying careers and studying for a job in high demand.

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