Ashworth College is known to be among the most affordable online schools that you’ll find in any country or region. The college is actually based in Norcross, a city in Georgia USA. Although the college has no physical campus, still more than 3 lakh students have graduated through the online courses offered by the college.

Ashworth College offers all of its courses and degrees online, which means no classes on campus. It was founded in 1987, and since then, it has grown into a huge institute of online education. Along with a lot of professional certificates, it also offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees.

When heard about the online education offered by Ashworth College, students often worry about graduation day which is obviously a huge achievement for everyone. So, the good thing is, the college holds its graduation ceremony each year in Atlanta and all the students are invited to enjoy the thrill of donning a cap and gown on their big day.

Is Ashworth College Recognized by Employers?

Well, yes, Ashworth College is a legitimate school. National accreditation ensures the legitimacy of the institute. But the question of if the college will be recognized by the employers remains not so clear.

But as a matter of fact, thousands of graduated students of Ashworth have been rewarded greatly in terms of good jobs, promotions, and better career opportunities.

About Ashworth College

Ashworth College has its semester breakdown and all other education-related schedules set up in a particular way. Each semester at Ashworth also includes clinical skills for a better understanding of things. The way that things are broken down and managed in Ashworth is kind of very simple and user-friendly too.

About Ashworth College

The overall website of the college is also very user-friendly. You need to just explore it completely for once, and you’ll get to know about everything on the website. Ashworth College is nationally accredited as well which means the degree provided by this institute is nationally recognized or accredited.

College-Level Programs Offered at Ashworth College

In addition to the school education and professional certificates, Ashworth college also offers college and other high-level programs. College-level education offers the following programs:

  • Healthcare Compliance
  • eBusiness
  • General Studies
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • General Studies
  • Management
  • Veterinary Practice Management
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Psychology
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Security Administration

These were the names of almost all the programs offered at the college level at Ashworth College. We might have missed some of them but you may find the complete information on their official website.

Ashworth College Accreditation

Accreditation is basically the official recognition of an institute by higher authorities. Ashworth College has been accredited for sure, but not in the exact way that other colleges have been. The DEAC, which is called as Distance Education Accrediting Commission is a national recognition institute for the recognition of distance education institutes and online education institutes only.

Ashworth College Accreditation

Ashworth College has been recognized or accredited by the DEAC. Generally, educational institutes are accredited by particular regional commissions. These commissions ensure that the programs offered by a specific institute offer education according to the educational standards and their degrees can be accredited anywhere else too.

But in the case of National accreditation, the recognition is not as vast as that in the case of regional accreditation. The two main reasons for this are:

  1. In case you decide to study somewhere else other than your own institute, it might get difficult for you to get your credits transferred.
  2. Secondly, certain other fields may not consider your degree as valid.

Does the Ashworth College Offer Financial Aid?

Well, the answer to this question is NO. Ashworth college does not offer any financial aid. If you’re wondering what is financial aid, here it is. Financial aid is basically the financial help or money that helps you pay for your education. Or you can simply say that financial aid is the money, some of which you may earn by working while some could be rapid.

Other than financial aid, some of the educational institutes also offer or accept student aid by offering their own scholarships.

So, in short, Ashworth does not accept or offer financial aid or private student loans. This means that if you go to Ashworth college, your institute is your lender and you would be able to graduate without any debt, which is a good thing after all.

One thing that you must take care of is: FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid which is offered by many institutes except for Ashworth. So, if you are eligible for FAFSA, then do not ignore the financial aid.

Does the Ashworth College Offer Financial Aid

Online Student Reviews

When talking about the reviews of a particular institute, it is always 50% positive and 50% negative. But in the case of Ashworth college, you’ll find more positive reviews than negative ones. So, starting with the online reviews of Ashworth, the best thing about it that most people have to say is that it is super affordable.

On a roughly built idea, you would have to spend around $1200 on one semester which makes it almost $59 per month. This makes your education pretty much affordable. Second, the most liked thing about the college is its complete online system of education.

You don’t have to wake up early in the morning and rush to college on time. You may simply stay at home, fresh and comfortable, and yet attend your lessons and complete your assignments.

Another very much liked thing about the institute is that it is self-paced which means you do not have to turn in the assignments on a due date. You do not have to log in to Zoom or Microsoft team meetings. The institute simply provides you with a certain amount of time to finish up your degree.

You may also apply for some extra time for the completion of your degree at the end if you feel like you’re being unable to complete it in the given time. This helps you make sure you’re done with all your lessons and assignments in the best way possible and now you’re well prepared for your exams too.

Another best thing about Ashworth is that it’s super easy to get enrolled. Like other institutes, you do not have to go through long procedures and loops and hoops to get enrolled. You are simply asked a few questions about your interests and goals and you’re in.

Ashworth College – Advantages and Disadvantages

Ashworth College – Advantages and Disadvantages


Ashworth college would definitely be a great choice for you if you prefer to have online studies along with pretty much flexibility in time, they provide to complete your tasks. Out of the many advantages of Ashworth, some of them are as follows.

  1. It is Super Affordable

When we say that Ashworth is super affordable, this actually means that it is the most affordable online school that you may find in Georgia.

  1. A great choice for working professionals

If you’re a working professional, Ashworth is probably the only institute that would offer you so many choices in order to comfortably go with your degree.

Due to its complete online system of education, it is a great help for working people. You can simply go to work and earn money along with completing your studies.

  1. Huge Flexibility in schedule and timings

Ashworth does not bound you to a specific time limit or a particular schedule. You may start or finish your program whenever it is feasible for you to do so. You do not have to log in to your portal or join the meetings at a very fixed time.

You may even extend your required time to get done with your degree without any issues.

  1. Ensures a physical graduation

By following an online system to complete your education, you do not have to worry about missing the only chance of enjoying graduation day. This is because in spite of all the online programs offered by the institute, a graduation ceremony is physically held each year and all the students are invited.

  1. Coursebooks are provided by the college

Almost all the studies are online at Ashworth College. Some classes only use eBooks which are easily accessed online. But still, if there is a need for any book in hard form, Ashworth ensures that it gets delivered to your doorstep a day or two after your enrollment.

  1. Special services for disabled students

Ashworth College provides great help for its disabled students. According to some reviews, Ashworth and its team has been most helpful and welcoming in the case of their disabled students.


Just like every other thing and institute too, Ashworth also has a few disadvantages along with many advantages.

  1. Credits may not be transferred

Being a student of Ashworth college, you may not be able to transfer your credits to some other institute. But a few students have also been reported for making a successful credits transfer.

  1. Strict Payment policy

Ashworth has strict policies in case of timely payments. You may have to face a little extra strictness if you’re late with your payments.

Why is Ashworth college so cheap?

Ashworth College is considered one of the cheapest online colleges in Georgia, America. Because its education system is completely online and you can take classes anytime, anywhere according to your comfort.

Ashworth College Review – FAQs

How long is a semester at Ashworth College?
A semester-long for six months at Ashworth College. But you may choose the start and end of it by your choice.
Ashworth college ranking?
Ashworth college gained a very positive continental ranking of 1447 as of 2023.
Is Ashworth College a legitimate school?
Ashworth college is a legitimate school as of 2023 and has over 3 lac students enjoying their degrees with perfect jobs.
Do employers accept Ashworth College degrees?
A simple answer is yes, employers accept their degrees because they are authentic by the higher education commission.
What is the passing grade for Ashworth College?
In order to pass an exam at Ashworth college, it is mandatory to score 70 percent marks. It is a must to pass each section of the exam or else, you have one chance to retake that particular section of the exam.
How do I withdraw from Ashworth college?
If during any time in your degree, you feel like you need to step out of the institute or program, you are allowed to withdraw. For that, you’ll have to contact student services at 1-800-224-7234.
Does Ashworth college have an app?
Yes, Ashworth college supports an app called Coffitivity. Ashworth college allows you to choose your “classroom ambiance” on your own and the app makes sure that no matter where you have chosen to study, you’re being productive.
Is Ashford University an accredited school?
Yes, Ashford University has recently been accredited through WASC, which is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Final Words

Ashworth is no doubt, one of the most affordable online schools you’ll find but its accreditation issue can be a risk for some of you. The institute’s big fat NO to financial aid is also concerning. So, if you’re eligible for the financial aid being offered at other institutes, do not say no to it.

Think very carefully before you choose an institute because an institute greatly plays a part in your education and career goals. Before you take a final step, do good research on your interests and concerns and the best opportunities available for you.

Also, if you plan or intend to shift your credits to any other institute, then Ashworth won’t be the best choice. Try to look for some regionally accredited institute before you make a decision for Ashworth College.

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