The individuals who work in the field of human administrations put their interests to work on the existences of the people who need their abilities the most. There are numerous jobs inside the human administration field, and keeping in mind that most beginner-level jobs require a four-year certification. Yet, it’s feasible to start with a 2-year associate.

In case you’re hoping to join this enormous field rapidly, procuring an associate degree in human administration may be a great choice. Where do you begin, what’s required, and what sort of occupations would you be able to seek after this degree? Peruse on to find solutions to this load of inquiries and then some.

What Is an Associate’s Degree in Human Services?

An associate in human administration is a 2-year degree that sets you up for beginner status jobs inside the field. Although individual projects will fluctuate, you’ll probably learn about subjects like brain research, human science, social work, and variety.

While social work falls under the more extensive umbrella of human administrations, these 2 degrees are not the equivalent. Instruction in human administrations sets you up to arrange inside a more extensive local area or association, while a social work degree permits you to work straightforwardly with customers. In case you’re hoping to seek after assistant jobs, you’ll need to procure somewhere around a bachelor’s degree level.

What Is an Associate's Degree in Human Services

Career Paths in Human Services

However, you can start in human administrations with an associate certification. Most experts in the field, at last, seek high-level training.

A four-year college education can set you up for jobs like a local area administration administrator, post-trial supervisor, emotional well-being advisor, and the sky is the limit from there. Those with graduate degrees can go for family advising and crisis management.

The most elevated level of this training is the Ph.D. in human administrations and Doctor of Human Services degrees. Both of these emphasize essential hypotheses and permit you to hold high-level jobs in medical care, social work, or local area associations.

On the off chance that you hold an associate degree in human administrations, many projects will permit you to move those credits over to acquiring this bachelor’s degree. You could likewise procure credits for appropriate work insight. This could mean finishing your four-year college education in just 1/2–2 years.

Scholarly Requirements Before Starting an AA or AS in Human Services

You’ll require a secondary school confirmation or GED before you can seek an associate certificate in human services.

Do you have to take the SAT or ACT?

Numerous junior colleges that offer these projects are open enlistment, which means anybody with a secondary school confirmation or GED is qualified to join in. Nonetheless, some have a more particular confirmation process and will require specific scores on the SAT or ACT.

Regardless of whether your program requires these tests, all things considered, you’ll, in any case, need to take a test to decide whether medicinal or formative coursework is fundamental. On the off chance that you’ve taken the SAT or ACT, those scores could replace the other test.

Are there GPA necessities?

Most junior colleges don’t need a specific GPA for confirmation; however, they may on the off chance that they consider their human services program particular.

Scholarly Requirements Before Starting an AA or AS in Human Services

How Long Does It Take to Get an Associate’s Degree?

Associate degrees typically require two years to finish.


An associate degree program for human services will help by and large concentrate on the subjects like brain research, social science, social work, science, and variety, with an accentuation on emergency directing, mediation, case the executives, and that’s just the beginning.

Human Services Careers You Can Have with an Associate degree.

An associate degree in human administrations can’t get you in the way to all jobs inside the field. However, you can decide to seek beginner-level positions. These jobs ordinarily function as a kind of collaborator to more elevated level positions.

Social work associate

While an associate certificate doesn’t allow you to serve exclusively as a social specialist, it’s feasible to look for some kind of employment as an associate. In this job, you may assist with getting sorted out cases and arranging administration plans. You may likewise talk with customers, document reports, or help other people comprehend the assets that are accessible to them.

As per the U.S. Agency, Labor Statistics (BLS), social and human help associates acquire a median compensation of $35,960 each year. This differs depending upon where in the country you live and the specific business in which you work.

The most profitable areas incorporate California, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Washington state, and Alaska. Top-paying businesses incorporate legitimate administrations, government chief branches, logical and specialized counseling, and logical, innovative work.

These jobs typically require some kind of hands-on preparation.

Case management aide

Human Services Careers - Case management aide

Case management aide helpers work with low-pay, impaired, or older customers in settings like medical clinics, rehabilitation clinics, and emotional well-being offices. Offering authoritative help to a caseworker, this job regularly takes on obligations like screening customers, overseeing documents, and entering information into the framework.

The BLS doesn’t give explicit compensation data to case management aide associates. All things considered, concurring information for local area wellbeing laborers, the middle compensation is $48,140 each year.

Like a social work colleague, a case management aide will probably go through hands-on preparation.

Community outreach worker

As an effort specialist, you’ll serve your nearby local area through planning instruction, preparing, wellbeing administrations, and occasions for associations that are commonly philanthropic or medical care based. The job likewise fills in as a contact between individuals locally and the different associations.

The BLS doesn’t have compensation data for local area outreach laborers explicitly. Nonetheless, people group wellbeing laborers and local area and social assistance experts acquire middle yearly compensations of $48,140 and $46,770, separately.

Hands-on preparation is logically needed for this job also.

Best Colleges for Human Services Degree




Colorado State University offers college students an internet-based Bachelor’s of Human Services, in which they will be given “the information on the different local area and social administrations fields, for example, kid care, psychological instability, support for individuals with inabilities, and old help.”


The educational program of Southern New Hampshire University’s internet-based Bachelor of Humans Services is centered around fostering understudies’ exploration, correspondence, and backing abilities. With a degree from SNHU, graduates have proceeded to offer unmatched social assistance for their customers.


Troy University’s internet-based Bachelor of Human Services is intended to meet people’s objectives and scholastic requirements across an expansive assortment of fields. The educational program is centered around creating refined examination and relational abilities, consequently giving understudies the principal abilities important to give exhaustive and sympathetic consideration to their future customers.



Bellevue University has planned a point-by-point online program that is centered around “applications to human administrations and individual improvement.” Coursework incorporates a wide range of human administrations and conduct sciences fields like brain research, social science, and directing. With this certification, understudies will proceed to work in various conditions.


LeTourneau University offers a remarkable view into the field of human administrations. This internet-based single guy’s program is intended to provide understudies with an assortment of coursework, which is all revolved around the mores and inhabitants of Christianity. This educational program will give understudies the information and experience to give unequaled consideration to patients across a colossal assortment of ages and foundations.


American Public University System offers a web-based Bachelor of Human Development and Family Studies that will plan understudies to convey profoundly and humanely with families and wedded couples. The educational program “is routinely inspected by a warning board of industry specialists for importance to the present commercial center.”



New England College’s web-based Bachelor of Human Services is centered around instructing understudies in solid relational abilities. Understudies will be prepared to frame associations with inconvenienced people of any age who experience the ill effects of formative inabilities, substance victimizers, wrongdoing casualties and guilty parties, and different battles.


Fabulous Canyon University offers distance schooling understudies a Bachelor of Sociology-Social Work. This web-based program will plan understudies for “an astonishing profession in the fields of social work and human administrations among settings like charitable associations and government organizations.” Grand Canyon understudies figure out how to help people, kids, families, and networks.


Established in 1873 as the Cherokee Baptist Female College, Shorter University acquired its name only four years after the fact because of a significant gift from the Shorter family.

More limited offers both four-year education in liberal arts and four-year certification in scientific studies certification programs for human administrations. Understudies can decide to finish this program on the web.

First-year candidates should present a record with a GPA of basically 2.25, just as ACT/SAT scores. Candidates with at least 24 transferrable credits should present a record with a GPA of essentially 2.0.

More limited University is provincially authorized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).



Established in 1883, UND flaunts the biggest grounds in the state and has more than 13,600 understudies selected.

Understudies have the chance to procure a four-year education in science in recovery and human administrations through UND’s internet-based program. Fixations incorporate substance misuse, psychological wellness, and gerontology, among others.

Understudies should finish 120 credits and a temporary job at an expert recovery office to graduate.

First-year candidates should submit records. UND inclines toward a GPA of essentially 2.75.

College of North Dakota is provincially authorized by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Established in 1865 on Baptist standards, Ottawa University works grounds in three states, just as on the web.

Ottawa gives understudies the chance to acquire a four-year certification in liberal arts in human and social administrations through a half-breed educational plan. Potential specializations incorporate promotion, youngster and family benefits, and emotional wellness. Classes most recent two months.

Understudies should finish somewhere around 43 credits of degree-explicit courses to graduate.

Ottawa University is territorially licensed by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).



Part of the University of Wisconsin framework, UW-Oshkosh works on three unmistakable grounds and offers more than 200-degree programs.

UW-Oshkosh offers a web-based four-year education in science certification in human administrations authority. Courses happen on an offbeat timetable and may incorporate human conduct and systems for mediation; relational relations in the aiding callings; and globalization in human administrations.

To graduate, understudies should finish 120 credits and two entry-level positions. First-year candidates should submit records, an exposition, and a resume through the principle UW confirmations framework.

College of Wisconsin – Oshkosh is provincially licensed by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Human Services Associate Degree Salary

According to 100% employer-reported salary sources, the median salary for a Human Services Worker with a Bachelor’s Degree is $28,085 – $30,900. Please try our salary wizard to explore how other factors like location, Years of experience, and the number of direct reports can impact your base pay and bonus.

Human Services Worker with the following degree Will likely fall in this salary range 
Associate’s Degree $27,875 – $30,622
Bachelor’s Degree $28,085 – $30,900
Master’s Degree or MBA $28,435 – $31,362
JD, MD, Ph.D. or Equivalent $28,575 – $31,547

Is Associate Degree in Human Services Worth it?

A human services degree may be a solid match in case you are keen on friendly issues and want to help other people. Understudies who pick this degree way are regularly determined by the craving to achieve social change or, on a more miniature level, to assist individuals with working on their lives.

This interdisciplinary degree way urges understudies to analyze different social issues and frameworks and, through coursework and genuine encounters, gives understudies a chance to foster solid basic reasoning and relationship-building abilities to help those out of luck.

Human administrations majors are ready for vocations in an assortment of fields. For instance, these understudies might seek after vocations as local area support laborers and backers, associating individuals with fundamental assets.

Is Associate Degree in Human Services Worth it


Different understudies may seek after professions inside the equity framework, filling in as post-trial supervisors, adolescent detainment laborers, or case managers to assist with guaranteeing individuals get reasonable and moral treatment under the law. These majors may likewise be found in philanthropies and medical care settings, attempting to work on individuals’ psychological, physical and enthusiastic wellbeing.

A human administrations degree additionally gets ready understudies for graduate training in brain research, advising, social work, instruction, and related fields. Understudies may, for instance, seek after an expert’s or doctoral certificate in clinical brain research, guiding, or social work and become authorized psychological well-being specialists. Different understudies may apply their human administrations information to graduate school or business college.

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