Achieving a degree in Criminal Justice gives me the experience and scholastic qualifications required for basic-level jobs in an assortment of fields. Albeit many alumni seek after professions in law, a criminal justice degree likewise plans students for vocations in different regions, similar to paralegal work, security, and the board.

Graduates are eager to find the best opportunity for themselves. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects quicker career development for investigators, paralegals and legitimate associates, and police and analysts somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2028.

As we know that the recent changes in Police might affect this degree and vocational ways related to it. The development of certain regions and states to redirect financing from police divisions and put resources into other public assistance regions might add to some vulnerability for the field of policing.

Nonetheless, it might likewise add to more employment opportunities in adjoining public regions, for example, social work and emotional wellness directing, as experts there work all the more intimately with police offices.

Here we will tell you everything you want to know about an Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. It additionally covers other significant data including normal courses and expected vocations and pay rates for graduates.

What Is an Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice?

Online associate degrees in criminal justice programs regularly involve around 60 credit hours and require two years of full-time study to finish. Basic education is compulsory to take admission whereas general education regions like writing, science, and the humanities, are also included in the course. Students can major in criminal law, government, and psychology.

What Is an Online Associate in Criminal Justice Degree

Students who want o pursue their careers in the law enforcement field have an extra advantage in achieving their degrees online.

Accredited Online Criminal Justice Degree

There are 6 accredited online criminal justice degrees given below:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Corrections
  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
  • Emergency Management
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement

Government Jobs with Associates Degree in Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Criminal Justice Lobbyist
  • Emergency Management
  • Federal Legislator
  • IRS Special Agent
  • Political Scientist
  • Public Administrator
  • State legislator
  • US Postal Inspector

Picking an Online Program

While picking an online degree program in criminal justice, students ought to consider factors like their objectives, their present way of life and individual commitments, and their spending plans.

Colleges that Offer Associate’s Degrees in Criminal Justice

  • Peirce College
  • Shoreline Community College
  • Northwest Iowa Community College
  • Casper College
  • Hutchinson Community College
  • Northeast Community College
  • Bucks County Community College
  • Borough of Manhattan CommunityCollege
  • Thomas Edison State University
  • Glendale CommunityCollege

Where Can an Associate in Criminal Justice Degree Take Me?

A criminal justice associate degree makes a pathway for students to join many fields in the law enforcement region. The accompanying rundown traces a few professions for graduates.

Criminal Justice

The online degree programs in criminal justice give central information on the criminal justice system, making them able to find a job in the police department, as emergency management specialists, prison guard, and post-trial supervisor.

criminal justice associates degree

Social Work

Social specialists support defenseless and in danger people and networks, assisting them with exploring an assortment of difficulties. These experts interface with customers with social assistance assets and work to protect families and kids.

Human science

Alumni of criminal justice programs can seek additional review in human science. Sociologists concentrate on human conduct inside various social and social gatherings. Criminal justice programs are considered a pillar in these investigations, especially for criminal conduct and society.

Studies in criminal justice are linked with psychology. Numerous criminal justice programs must have psychology in their coursework, planning students for additional review in the field. Graduates can likewise seek section-level positions identified with psychology, including human asset subject matter expert and mental professional.

Legitimate Studies

Criminal equity graduates can seek after-passage level legitimate examinations positions, including paralegal, document agent, and court courier. Graduates may likewise seek a bachelor’s in legal investigations.

Criminal Justice Careers

An associate in Criminal Justice Degree gives to make their career pathways both inside and outside of the law field. Courses in criminal justice programs enhance abilities like basic reasoning, administration, morals, and correspondence, planning students for accomplishment in assorted jobs. This segment traces a few job opportunities for graduates:

Criminal Justice Careers

  • Paralegals
  • Social and Human Services Assistant
  • Police and Detectives

Course Outline

In the criminal justice associate degree program, you’ll discover your classes are for the most part includes general instruction courses and classes for your major – and you’ll find how well they would all be able to cooperate.

For example, the two arrangements of courses can assist you with growing such popular abilities as:

  • Communication
  • Social awareness
  • Research work
  • Statistical Analysis

The criminal justice educational program acquaints you with a range of thoughts, speculations, and practices identified with the criminal justice program in the United States. Intended to give you a solid basis, the coursework can furnish you with center standards to assist you with the beginning or advancement in your career. A portion of these key courses you’ll have the option to investigate are:

  • Social Awareness in Criminal Justice
  • Relational abilities for Criminal Justice
  • Discretion in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Associate Programs

Criminal Justice Associate degree programs commonly involve 60-68 credits and require two years of full-time participation to finish. In any case, numerous online projects permit self-guided degree finish, custom-fitted to occupied Students.

Criminal Justice Associate Programs

Notwithstanding broad training courses, students take seminars on fundamental CJ points including criminal law, law requirements, and local area relations. A few projects permit understudies to pick a fixation, like law enforcement, correction, or crime scene investigations. Many projects include internships that empower certifiable learning.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Courses

Criminal Science

Investigating the starting points and examples of crime, this course gives an outline of significant ways of thinking in present-day criminal science hypotheses. Understudies likewise basically investigate social portrayals of and reactions to crimes, hoodlums, and crime casualties.

Quantitative Methods in Criminal Justice

This course analyzes the utilization of quantitative strategies in concentrating on crime causation. The class talks about the complex monetary and social issues adding to crimes and inspects information assortment and examination strategies utilized by crime analysts.

Basic analysis of the Criminal Justice System

Students fundamentally inspect current crime reduction and well-being strategies utilized by different criminal justice associations and frameworks. Students likewise figure out how to investigate, basically assess, and expound on criminal justice subjects.

Criminal Law

This course reviews the elements of the criminal justice system, investigating how law implementation, courts, and corrections work to bring down crime percentages and secure the general population. The course inspects standards and practices identified with justice and discipline, including the significance of criminal safeguards and the weight of truth.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Courses - Criminal Law

Criminal Justice Ethics

This course acclimates students to moral codes observed by law implementation experts. Understudies learn moral systems for settling clashes and tackling issues.

Criminal Justice Graduate Salary

As per our 100% business-announced salary sources, the average salary for a Criminal Investigator with an Associate’s Degree is $62,693 – $71,356.  Here is the table that will clear you further:

Criminal Investigator with the following degree Will likely fall in this salary range
No Diploma $60,587 – $70,591
High School Diploma or Technical Certificate $61,903 – $71,137
Associate’s Degree $62,693 – $71,356
Bachelor’s Degree $63,483 – $71,684
Master’s Degree or MBA $64,799 – $72,230
JD, MD, Ph.D. or Equivalent $65,326 – $72,449

Highest Paying Jobs with Associates Degree in Criminal Justice

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most high-paying job with an associate degree in criminal justice is a police officer who made over $150,000 in 2022. The top-paying jobs with this degree also include correctional officer, legal assistant, and probation officer.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice – FAQs

What is the best online college for criminal justice?
Saint Leo University and Concordia University – Saint Paul is considered to be the best online college for an associate degree in criminal justice.
Is an online criminal justice degree worth it?
Yes, an online criminal justice degree is worth it for many students and professionals. By having this degree there are many advanced career opportunities that lead to long-term success.


Wrapping Up

An associate in criminal justice allows graduates to build their careers in different law enforcement fields. This course in criminal justice programs stresses abilities like basic reasoning, authority, morals, and correspondence, preparing the student for achievement in assorted jobs.

Graduates can earn a reasonable amount for their living.

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