Baker College is a private not-for-profit college founded by Eldon E. Baker. It is a centurion college located in eight distinct areas of Michigan which consist of 11 campuses. Some of the locations are in the following cities – Michigan Allen Park, Auburn Hills, Cadillac, Clinton Township, Flint, and others.

Baker College provides more than 100 programs to students from various walks of life and from various countries. The college has both online and on-campus presence providing students with a quality education. The mission of the college is to produce high-quality education and training which enables a graduate to be successful and have rewarding careers. The college is recognized and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Baker College of Flint is conveniently located on the southeast corner of the city to give students the opportunity to enjoy the many cultural and recreational activities that can be found in Flint and its neighboring cities. Students benefit from a small campus setting with individualized attention and small class sizes while taking classes in the types of modern, high-tech classrooms and labs you might expect to find in larger universities and colleges. The engineering program of the college (Flint and Jackson campuses) is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

About Bakers College

The online programs are designed in such a way that it makes it easy for each and every non-traditional student to understand the curriculum properly.

The college has a global presence on the internet and it is available for students and faculty 24/7. It enables the students to learn the content anytime as well as the students can submit the assignments in the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

SOLAR System at the college refers to System Online Links to Academic Records. It is a webpage designed by the college to allow safe and private access to academic records. The privacy of the students is given more importance in this system.

Baker’s college degrees

The average time of  4 years is taken by a student to complete their studies at Bakers College.

Associate’s in Accounting

Baker College offers an associate’s degree program in accounting that is completely online. Students learn the skills they need for entry-level programs in accounting like a bookkeeper, accounting assistant, or payroll assistant. All classes are led by professional accountants and provide students with an understanding of finance, accounting technology, and other skills related to accounting.

Students gain an understanding of one of the most vital functions of business, accounting. Students are able to record, present and analyze financial data in order to evaluate operational performance. Students are able to implement concepts related to accounting and integrate technology into the work process.

Bachelor in Accounting

The bachelor’s in accounting program at Baker College is available in a completely online format. The program emphasizes practical applications as well as a theoretical understanding of accounting. Students develop the social, ethical, and legal skills necessary in a field that changes rapidly. Students who complete the program may sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination in Michigan, but it will not qualify them to apply for a Certified Public Accountant license which requires additional credit hours.

Bachelor in Accounting

The program is taught by professional accountants who work in the field. This allows them to bring real-world knowledge into the classroom. Students are provided with a well-rounded understanding of accounting. Although the program prepares students for entry-level positions, it allows them better opportunities for advancement.

Master of Business Administration in Accounting

Students who hold an undergraduate degree in accounting can earn their MBA in Accounting at Baker College completely online. Students gain an understanding of high-level accounting concepts that prepare them for management-level careers. Students must have a minimum of 9 semester hours in undergraduate accounting with at least two principles of accounting courses and one intermediate accounting course. The program provides the necessary credits for CPA licensure in Michigan, but students should check the regulations in their state to determine what is necessary.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Baker College offers a bachelor’s in Civil Engineering that is available online. Students gain an understanding of structures as well as management and government regulations. Students gain an understanding of building roads, tunnels, bridges, and other infrastructure that helps shape the world. Students learn from civil engineers who work or have worked in the industry, so they are able to bring real-world understanding into the classroom.

Degrees Of Bakers college - Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Students gain an understanding of engineering tools and design systems used in the industry today. Students learn through classroom instruction as well as hands-on projects. Students gain an understanding of design and planning as well as factors that impact structures like topography, soil, materials, regulations, environment, and cost.

Baker College offers students online programs that allow them to achieve their higher education goals even when they have obstacles that may keep them from attending traditional classes. The curriculum taught in Baker College’s online programs is the same rigorous curriculum taught to students in their traditional classes. Through the online programs at Baker College, working adults are able to move into a new career or advance in a current career while still meeting their obligations.

Accreditation of Bakers College

Baker College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which indicates that the school meets the criteria set forth by the agency that demonstrates students receive an education that prepares them for their career goals. The college also agrees to periodic reviews to confirm that they have the resources necessary to meet its missions and objectives. Baker College also holds specialized accreditations for the following programs:

  • Business Administration
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Human Services
  • Running Start
  • School of Education
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Occupational Therapy

Baker college ranking

The college is ranked differently based on the courses it offers.

Mentioned below are the rankings of Baker College:

The college ranks between #120-#158 in ‘Best Online Graduate Business Programs.

It ranks between #205-#267 in ‘Best Online MBA Programs and between #264-#346 in ‘Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

Baker College of Flint’s ranking in the 2023 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities Midwest, #119-#156.

It ranks #71 in ‘Best Value Schools.

Baker college ranking

Bakers College reviews

Some of the student reviews about the college are given below.

  • The small classrooms help to build one-to-one relationships between the students and the faculty. It is easy to take online classes and the online advisors are helpful. Enrolment and registration are quick at the college. The staff and faculties care about the experience of the students and welcome feedback from them in order to improve the campus and academics.
  • I attended Baker College through online courses. I received my Associate’s Degree in Human Resource Management and my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Human Resource Management both from Baker College Online.
  • I am currently working on My MBA in Human Resource Management through the Baker College Graduate School Online. Classes are thorough and require a lot of discipline to get the work done on time. If I didn’t have to work full-time I would prefer to attend classes in person somewhere. However, this made it convenient for me to start my degree in Illinois and move to Washington, DC without interruption.
  • I will be graduating next week with a master’s in I/O psychology. The online master’s is a very accelerated program. Baker makes it known upfront that it is a huge time commitment.  Your first course is a mini version, a three-week course to see if you can handle it. I worked 40-plus hours and have family commitments.  I had to make school a priority but that was okay knew it was for a short time.  The professors were all present and available whenever needed.
  • I think the only negative experience I encountered was registering for courses.  I had to go through a counselor I did not know and he was not always timely with his responses.  I would recommend Baker to others.  If I had to attend a traditional classroom I would not be getting my master’s.  Online allowed some flexibility.  Thank you, Baker!
  • This is my second attempt at taking an online class with Baker College.  I dropped out of the first round because of the time requirements as well.  The classes are thorough; however, the classes are extremely accelerated.  The general education classes, math in my case, are six weeks long.  The first 3 weeks of the class encompassed 5 chapters out of the 8 chapters in the book.
  • The only lectures you get are provided by the publishers of the math book.  These lectures can be helpful but only if you are able to learn on your own.  Each week multiple sections of each chapter are due daily.  If you have other obligations, such as family weekends are spent cramming to catch up.  The class acceleration (6 weeks for each class) having trouble (add in if you are in a different time zone) provides very little, if no time, to get help if comprehension is not acceptable.

Does bakers college Pell Grant or FAFSA?

Scholarships are frequently bestowed based on academic distinction, although not every scholarship is intended for those who excel in academics. Most scholarships are granted automatically, while many other scholarships require an application.

There are scholarships available for students who have special interests or specific career aspirations. Many local agencies, businesses, or clubs offer scholarships for exceptional accomplishments. Baker College is a private college. College offers a variety of financial assistance options, from scholarships to state and federal grants.

The eligibility is determined by the FAFSA, which is required for financial assistance. Such benefits usually require an application and may have clear eligibility criteria for a student.


Grants are made available to a student on a need-based basis by federal, state, and local funds, and are not required to be repaid. Most grant programs come from small annual budgets, and the student’s financial need determines the funding award.

Federal Pell Grant:

The students who are not yet earned their first bachelor’s degree, due to financial downside or other, the pell grants offer financial assistance for those who want to earn their first bachelor’s degree by enrolling themselves in a full-time program.

Bakers college pros and cons


  1. Both individual classes and complete degrees are offered online
  2. Allows students to work on their own schedule
  3. Online students enjoy the same benefits as on-campus students
  4. Students earn their degree from an established, respected university


  1. No face-to-face interaction with professors
  2. Will not have a traditional college experience

Baker’s College Review – FAQs

Is Baker a good college?
According to the 2022-2023 ranking, Baker college ranked #127-166 out of 167 Reginal universities. Baker college is much popular because of its excellent performance in the academic field.
Is Baker College in Michigan accredited?
Yes, Baker college is accredited by CAEP from 2020 to 2026.
Is Baker College only in Michigan?
Yes, Baker college is only in Michigan and has 11 campuses in it.
Do baker college credits expire?
No, keep in mind any college credits can’t be expired.
What GPA do you need to get into Baker College?
An official transcript from a regionally accredited, baccalaureate institution indicating a GPA of 2.5 or better (4.0 scale) and showing the date of graduation is required as part of your student record. A copy of your transcripts is required prior to an acceptance decision.
Is it hard to get into Baker College?
Somehow it is hard to get admission to Baker college because the acceptance rate is 90%. And students must have to meet the eligibility criteria set by the management to get enrolled in this college.
Is Bakers College expensive?
Baker College has the lowest tuition of any private college in Michigan. As a non-profit college, they are not focused on turning a profit for shareholders, they are invested in you. Unlike other colleges and universities, they don’t have any extra fees or hidden costs.


Our verdict

Overall the baker college online program is a highly respectable way to earn a college degree. Students who attend Baker University through its online program will receive all of the benefits of attending Baker University, including the distinction, a large library system, and student services.

The flexibility of attending class when and where it is most convenient is the distinguishing factor of attending Baker University Online, because it makes it easier for both traditional and non-traditional students to earn their degrees.

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