If you want to go to take admission to the top esthetician school in Los Angeles, you’re at the correct spot. More than 2,200 estheticians are working around there, the second-most elevated number in the country, after New York. Since the City of Angels is famous for being the focal point of the entertainment world, it isn’t stunning that skincare professions are blooming.

In a review of significant metropolitan regions, Los Angeles positioned 64th, with an astoundingly low score for contamination and smoking as these things are considered harmful for the skin. To act as a hero, the city needs master estheticians.

In this way, schools with esthetician programs have been very popular among the local area in Los Angeles. Various schools offer these projects, and some even give a monetary guide to seek after an esthetician profession.

People often ask, What is the best school for the esthetics? Well, We have prepared a list of top esthetic schools in Los Angeles:

  1. KC Beauty Academy
  2. Foundation for Salon Professionals
  3. Neihule Academy of Beauty
  4. ZMS The Academy
  5. Royal residence Beauty College
  6. Global College of Beauty Arts and Sciences
  7. Aveda Institute Los Angeles

How many Esthetician Schools are there in California?

Barely any individuals will discuss that California is the focal point of this esthetic business in the U.S. Truth be told, the state is home to in excess of 500 esthetic organizations that produce $2 billion in send-out income every year. What’s more, on account of the flourishing film, TV, and theater ventures here, corrective medical procedure centers are skin health management spas are found in pretty much every corner.

You will track down the top esthetician schools in Los Angeles in the accompanying rundown. We have discovered the ones which have been in the business for quite a long time and some which are new however have acquired a decent reputation in the business. here are the best 7 Esthetician Schools in Los Angeles:

  1. KC Beauty Academy
  2. Academy for Salon Professionals
  3. Neihule Academy of Beauty
  4. ZMS The Academy
  5. Palace Beauty College
  6. International College of Beauty Arts and Sciences
  7. Aveda Institute Los Angeles

1. KC Beauty Academy

KC Beauty Academy

  • Established In: 2014
  • Area: Los Angeles, California
  • Ranking: 1
  • Contact: 213-253-9999

Train to be an expert skincare master with the Esthetician program of KC Beauty Academy. Hypothetical and involved information on various facials, waxing, and beauty care products will be given. Understudies can figure out how to utilize a full scope of the new facial hardware for exact assessment and skincare methods, under the immediate direction of qualified teachers.

Among the fundamental points educated in a genuine spa climate, are living systems, facials, synthetic strips, and waxing. Complete active application procedures for remedial cosmetics and fake eyelashes are likewise part of the courses.

The Cosmetician Course Program comprises (600) hours of scholastic preparation and functional tasks covering all cosmetician exercises.

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2. Academy for Salon Professionals

Academy for Salon Professionals

  • Established In: 2007
  • Area: Los Angeles California
  • Ranking: 2
  • Contact: 818-701-5799

In all aspects of esthetics, including skincare, cosmetics, and spa medicines, the Esthetics program offers proper direction. The course in Esthetics comprises 600 hours, covering all aspects of esthetic work (skincare, cosmetics, and waxing).

The program is commanded by the Department of Regulation and Licensing of the province of California. The course is planned to set up the student to pass the survey of the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, and to assist the student with building up the information and abilities needed for a good level job in the field of magnificence.

An essential to getting an Esthetics License is to finish the assessment. A permit is a need to work in the State of California as an Esthetician.

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3. Neihule Academy of Beauty

Neihule Academy of Beauty

  • Established In: 2008
  • Area: Los Angeles, California
  • Ranking: 3
  • Contact: 213-395-0947

Neihule Beauty Academy is one of the distinguished esthetic schools in this business.  It isn’t only your esthetic institute; it is a proper beauty salon school, with many beauticians working with clients consistently, where you will have the chance to gain proficiency with the most recent strategies in this business as a student.

In just six months, you will develop your enthusiasm for dealing with others and turning into a marvel master at the Neihule Academy of Beauty.

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4. ZMS The Academy

Established In: 2008
Location: Los Angeles, California
Ranking: 4
Contact: 323-372-6132

ZMS The Academy was established in 2008 to prepare hairdressers, beauticians, estheticians, nail professionals, and cosmetics craftsmen for their careers. To the individuals who apply, the Academy gives monetary help.

In each study hall, ZMS The Academy has huge projectors, coaching private gatherings 2 months before their test date. ZMS The Academy has acquired a decent standing dependent on progress and endeavors to prepare students to become authorized experts. The program is finished in just six months.

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5. Palace Beauty College

Palace Beauty College - Esthetician Schools in Los Angeles

  • Established In: 2019
  • Area: Los Angeles, California
  • Ranking: 5
  • Contact: 323-731-2075

Palace Beauty College is situated in one of Los Angeles’ most populated and ethnically assorted areas. This school is situated in around 11,000 square feet of sufficiently bright and cooled space.

Their school was established to duplicate a salon setting devoted to showing cosmetology, barbering, and rub treatment science and expressions with the goal that their students can have a genuine salon encounter and gain proficiency with the abilities required for a fruitful vocation.

PalaceBeauty College has general media innovation study halls and a completely furnished asset community with a self-governing examination center. There are in total five classrooms in which students are expertly prepared through addresses and viable experience.

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6. International College of Beauty Arts and Sciences

International College of Beauty Arts and Sciences

  • Established In: 2001
  • Area: Los Angeles, California
  • Ranking: 6
  • Contact: 818-240-4898

Students can figure out how to utilize a wide scope of the new facial gear for an exact skin assessment and skincare techniques for various skin types, under the immediate direction of exceptionally qualified teachers.

Complete active application techniques for remedial cosmetics and fake eyelashes are likewise utilized in courses. Consistently, business specialists are welcomed to share their aptitude and clarify new methods.

Progressed classes are likewise accessible. For students who take part in any esthetician course, the program comprises (600) hours of expert direction and useful tasks covering every one of the esthetician’s exercises.

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7. Aveda Institute Los Angeles

  • Established In: 1997
  • Area: Los Angeles, California
  • Positioning: 7
  • Contact: 844-552-8332

The Aveda Institute Los Angeles, through involved, certifiable experience, gives a novel learning dimension to cosmetology.

The Aveda Institute in LA empowers students outside the ordinary study hall to fulfill guidelines and seek after deep-rooted learning. The possibility that training includes more than gaining fundamental specialized abilities is upheld by the Aveda excellence school in Los Angeles.

Their style program is explicitly intended to plan students from magnificence schools for the state permitting test and urge them to become familiar with the scholastic, individual, and business abilities needed to work in an expert salon climate.

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How do I become an esthetician in Los Angeles?
By completing 600 hours of training you can qualify for California State Board of Cosmetology Exams and can get your esthetician license.
Do estheticians make good money?
It is roughly estimated that a beginner esthetic can make almost $30,000 a year whereas top esthetics can make $60,000 per year.
Is an esthetician career worth it?
There are many estheticians who are highly paid, it depends on the expertise. The more expertise you have, the more you will be paid.
Who is the highest-paid esthetician?
The highest average salary paid to estheticians is $54,810 that is paid in the different districts and states.


Our Verdict

Esthetic business is making progress by leaps and bounds and more people are now attracted towards it than before. Due to the huge demand for beauticians, people are opting for this as a profession. So, we shave prepared a rundown for you in which you will find the top esthetic schools in Los Angeles.

All the courses provided in these schools have a duration of at least six months in which you will get hands-on experience and a proper guideline to pursue this as a career. So, choose wisely that in which esthetic school you want to take admission.

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