The best way to advance in your preferred field is to get a degree from an online program and earn a degree. You can also enter some specific fields by doing these online programs.

Many universities offer online degree programs these days, but according to the student’s reviews, the most popular option is the Grand Canyon University. There are many advanced and basic education online programs that are offering by this university to their students.

But these are also some bad things revolving around this university, so let’s find out that if Grand Canyon University is the one you can accelerate in your field of study.

Is Grand Canyon University Legit?

Yes, it is a legit university, and many things are approving the legitimacy of the Grand Canyon University. Grand Canyon and its programs are recognized by the higher learning commission of the United States of America. All the degrees related to the business are recognized by the commission of business schools and programs.

There are many nursing degree programs, and the commission approves master nursing programs in this university on Collegiate Nursing Education. The university and also featured in the best colleges in the USA published by U.S. News and World Report ranking of best colleges.

These institutions are the top-notch institutions in the education sector, and they recognize the universities after strict inspection. The recognition of Grand Canyon University from all these are the signs that it is a legitimate university.

About Grand Canyon University

The GCU is a private Christian college that was founded in 1949. It has the facility on campus and off-campus, both degree options. The size of the campus of GCU is around 250 acres. The school is situated in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America.

Online Colleges That Accept FAFSA Grand Canyon University

The degree programs of this Grand Canyon University are recognized and approved by top-notch institutions responsible for quality education like HLC. When we were reading reviews about the GCU, we found out that many students graduated from this university and got a job in the big companies and they were earning handsome amount as the salary.

Nine colleges are affiliated with this university, and the graduating students of the colleges in the percentage are 60%, and the GCU graduation rate is about 41%.

Grand Canyon University Online Degrees

Grand Canyon University offers online programs and a degree in many areas of education like bachelor’s in English, science, nursing, and many more so everyone can join according to their personal preference. These are the online programs that Grand Canyon University is offering.

Online bachelors programs

There are 11 online programs of bachelors that the Grand Canyon University is offering, and those bachelor programs are:

  1. Bachelors in Business & Management
  2. Bachelors in criminal science
  3. Bachelors in political science
  4. Bachelors in social science
  5. Bachelors in Engineering & Technology
  6. Bachelors in Language & Communications
  7. Bachelors in Theology & Ministry
  8. Bachelors in Teaching & School Administration
  9. Bachelors in Performing Arts & Creative Design
  10. Bachelors in Psychology & Counseling
  11. Bachelors in Nursing & Health Care

Online master’s programs

Online master’s programs

The Grand Canyon University is offering 11 online programs for the master students

  1. Masters in Engineering & Technology
  2. Masters in Business & Management
  3. Masters in criminal science
  4. Masters in social science
  5. Masters in political science
  6. Masters in language and communication
  7. Masters in Psychology & Counseling
  8. Masters in Medical Studies & Sciences
  9. Masters in nursing and health care
  10. Masters in Theology & Ministry
  11. Masters in Teaching & School Administration

Online doctoral degrees

There are five online doctoral programs that GCU is offering for its students.

  1. The doctoral program in Business & Management
  2. The doctoral program in Nursing & Health Care
  3. The doctoral program in Psychology & Counseling
  4. The doctoral program in Teaching & School Administration
  5. The doctoral program in Theology & Ministry

Does Grand Canyon University accept Pell Grants or FAFSA?

Yes, the Grand Canyon University accepts the Pell Grants or FAFSA. These are the financial aids for the students who cannot afford higher education in the universities and colleges by the government. The Pell Grants are for undergraduate students while the free application for student aid (FAFSA) is for every student.

Grand Canyon University Reviews

When we go through the reviews of the Grand Canyon University students, we found out that many students are talking about the good things about this college. Many students got jobs in some multinational companies after graduating from this college.

The rating of GCU is 2.9 out of 5, which is average, and 45% of students are recommending this college to their friends and family members. In reviews, we also found some bad things about the college that we’ll cover in the pros and cons section.

Grand Canyon University Reviews

Grand Canyon University Pros & Cons


1: Pro

The first pro of this Grand Canyon University is that this university is not for business purposes, but it is a non-profit organization. It makes it more efficient for the studies because there will be no tactics to grow their business; instead, they will improve the study.

2: Pro

The second good thing about the GCU is that they have the proper advisors helping them select their desired course programs and how you can get the most benefit out of it.

3: Pro

Grand Canyon University has many knowledgeable teachers and staff that help you accelerate in your career. Some students say that they have a very bad experience with the teachers, but overall the teachers are pretty good.

4: Pro

If you remember, we told you that this is a Christian school initially, so, if you are a Christian, then this is a perfect school for you. There was a student that says that all classes start with prayers.

If you are not from Christianity, then you might go to any other university.


1: Con

If you are an employed person, then maybe the class schedule would bother you because there are five classes in a week and not only this, but you also have many quizzes and work in the week that you don’t get time for any other activities.

2: Con

The financial policies of the GCU are not clearly explained, and some students are complaining in the reviews that the staff doesn’t take interest when you have paid the tuition fees. Some students accused the GCU of unexplained and unexpected expenses.

3: Con

Some degrees require the students to do an internship to complete their degrees, but two students complain that the university was not very helpful in finding the right internship.


Is Grand Canyon University accredited?
Yes, Grand Canyon University is recognized and accredited by many independent institutions. It is recognized by the higher learning commission of the United States since 1968. The institutions of every field also accredit all other online programs in this university. So, you can take admission to this university without any worry.
Is Grand Canyon University a good school?
The Grand Canyon University and school are among the best schools in the United States of America. According to the independent organization NICHE, the GCU is the seventh-best school all over the United States. It is also a non-profit organization that will focus on the study instead of the business.
How much does it cost to go to Grand Canyon University online?
It depends on your selected course program; if you are going to select the undergraduate program, then you have to pay around 395$ to 470$, and if you are going to enroll in the graduate program, you have spent around 365$ to 695$, and for the doctoral program the fee would be 670$.
How many students attend GCU?
If we add the GCU, then there are 23000 total students learning on all the campuses of the GCU. If we also include the online enrolled students of the university, then the total amount reaches 85000 students.


Our verdict

The GCU is one of the best universities in America, but you should do your comprehensive research before enrolling in the GCU. If you are an employed person, it would be hard for you to go with this university because of its tough schedule.

It is a Christian school; other religious students might not feel comfortable because they start their day with the morning prayers, and other religious activities are also done in the university.

But this university is also recognized by the different independent institutions, and students are also doing jobs in multinational companies.

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