As all of us know that utilizing a combination of arts and computerized technology is very effective in any industry. A graphics designer has a very unique capability to have solid regard for visual distinctions and embrace new advancements. All through this two-year Graphic Design Associate Degree, you will be able to nurture specialized abilities while pursuing the degree and you can also develop an individual style to be shown in your portfolio.

In the graphic design associate degree online and on campus, students learn how to develop essential skills like drawing and typography, in addition to advanced craftsmanship abilities for print and electronic media utilizing the most recent Adobe Creative Cloud applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, and After Effects.

Coursework depends on the efficiency of the students during the program as understudies work with genuine customers and activities pointed toward fortifying correspondence, project the executives, and time usage abilities.

Visual content creators today work on a wide assortment of tasks from logo creation, marking, record format, publicizing, signage, online media illustrations, and website composition. They likewise work in an assortment of business settings, including promoting and advertising offices, printing organizations, and in-house corporate showcasing offices. A few creators likewise decide to work for themselves as consultants.

In case you are hoping to transform your imaginative capacity and enthusiasm into a vocation, the Graphic Design program is intended for you!

This program offers you the to learn the:

  • Plan Communication
  • Distribution and Document Design
  • Computerized Illustration Basics
  • Typography
  • Plan Photography
  • Print Production
  • Adobe Creative Suite Applications
  • Intuitive Media
  • Website composition Fundamentals
  • Venture Management Skills

As an understudy in this program, you’ll be needed to buy and utilize a preapproved PC to finish quite a bit of your coursework.

Best Online Graphic Design Associate Degree

Associate in Graphics Designing

An associate degree in Graphics design meets the basic prerequisites for starting level job in paper printing designing and visual advertising. Graduates with an associate degree might prepare senior visual creators to acquire insight prior to looking for a more significant level of the profession. Businesses regularly employ associate degree-holders as assistants.

While most associate degrees require two years to finish, numerous web-based associate degrees infographics design offer sped-up ways to graduation. Many hopeful visual planners, in the long run, procure a four-year certification, which is needed for the most advanced level of visual communication jobs.

Understudies might find another space of creative interest while finishing an associate degree. Ideal for inventive kinds, visual computerization associate degree programs incorporate a preface to essential workmanship and plan ideas, photography, web improvement, and building an expert portfolio. A few alumni seek a profession as independent craftsmen subsequent to procuring their certification.

What Will I Learn in a Graphic Design Associate Program?

Schools generally offer either an associate degree of expression (AA) or an associate degree of applied science (AAS) in graphics design. An AA degree regularly plans understudies for additional review in visual communication, while an AAS serves students hoping to enter the labor force right away.

All associate degrees in visual computerization foster imaginative and expert abilities. The educational program acquaints understudies with essential ideas like typography, 3D planning, and PC delineation. Many projects underline recreations and labs and finish with the improvement of an expert portfolio.

Regardless of whether students seek a face-to-face or online Graphic Design Associate Degree, there are chances that they might get scholarly advantages from their university or college. Degree searchers can likewise join visual communication understudy gatherings and nearby or public realistic expressions associations.

What Will I Learn in a Graphic Design Associate Program

Graphic Design Associate Degree Jobs

  • Junior Graphic Designer
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  • Craftsman
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  • Website specialist
  • bolt circle-right symbol
  • Photographic artist
  • bolt circle-right symbol
  • Creation Assistant
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Famous Continued Education Paths

  • Lone wolf’s in Graphic Design
  • bolt circle-right symbol
  • Lone wolf’s in Animation
  • bolt circle-right symbol
  • Lone wolf in Fashion
  • bolt circle-right symbol
  • Lone wolf’s in Video Game Design
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  • Lone wolf in Photography
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Graphic Design Associate Degree Salary?

An associate’s degree in graphic design salary can prompt high acquiring potential in an assortment of occupations. As per the BLS, computerized interface originators and web designers acquired a middle yearly compensation of more than $77,000 in 2022. In that very year, art and fine specialists acquired a middle compensation of $49,120, and work area distributers procured $47,560.

According to Ziprecruiter estimation, the estimated salary of Graphics designers are as follows:

Job Title Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
VP International Graphic Designer $107,434 $8,953 $2,066 $51.65
Vice President International Graphic Designer $107,434 $8,953 $2,066 $51.65
VP Graphic Designer $100,507 $8,376 $1,933 $48.32
Vice President Graphic Designer $100,507 $8,376 $1,933 $48.32
Graphic Designer II $85,907 $7,159 $1,652 $41.30

Is Associate Degree in Graphics Designing worth it?

Studying graphics design, with the approach of the advanced age, has become progressively more significant in the advertising scene. This is on the grounds that in this day and age, planning is as of now not restricted to print work.

Visual creators are popular around the world, with solid occupation possibilities. There is an assortment of open positions in planning logos, sites, pamphlets, commercials, flags, banners, bulletins, and so forth

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, work in the visual communication industry is projected to increment throughout the following decade.

Is Associate Degree in Graphics Designing worth it

How Can I Manage a Graphic Design Associate Degree?

Acquiring an associate degree in visual depiction can give the initial move toward an inventive vocation. Alumni of an associate degree program can become independent craftsmen, picture takers, or work area distributors. Many alumni seek computerized interface configuration occupations, which in some cases require just an associate degree.

While most visual depiction positions require a four-year college education, associate degree degree-holders can enter the field as junior originators to acquire insight and in the end seek after a further developed degree. They may likewise function as associate degrees to creation administrators or innovative chiefs on the way toward their own visual depiction profession.


Term 1 $2,416
Term 2 $2,368
Term 3 $2,416
Term 4 $2,337
Tools/Materials $1,465
Books $412
Estimated Total: $11,414*

Best Online Colleges for Graphic Design Associate Degree

Here are the Best Colleges for Graphics Designing:

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Freedom University
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • Lesley University
  • California Baptist University
  • Rasmussen College
  • The Los Angeles Film School
  • Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Bellevue University

1. Southern New Hampshire University

Best Online Colleges for Graphics Designing - Southern New Hampshire University

Area Manchester, NH
Students Getting LOANS 68%

SNHU was established in 1932 and presently serves almost 140,000 understudies worldwide consistently. The college offers in excess of 200 undergrad, graduate, and testament programs.

Its four-year certification in liberal arts in graphics designing and media expressions incorporates 120 credits and is one of the most outstanding visual computerization schools accessible on the web. The educational program trains understudies to configure, create, and present visual narrating through photographs, video, and advanced media stages. Students can spend significant time in 3D demonstrating liveliness or website composition.

Candidates can move up to 90 credits into this web-based visual computerization and media expressions degree. SNHU doesn’t need ACT or SAT scores and offers level-rate educational costs for all students.

Southern New Hampshire University is territorially certified by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

2. Freedom University

Freedom University

Area Lynchburg, VA
Students Getting LOANS 60%

Freedom is a Christian school established in 1971. It currently houses 15 scholarly schools and universities and enlists in excess of 100,000 understudies every year.

Students can finish freedom’s web-based fine arts degree in graphics design in less than four years. The 120-credit graphics designing degree coordinates coursework with practicum and internship facilities to plan understudies for vocations across innovative fields.

To apply, competitors should submit records exhibiting a base 2.0 GPA. Candidates can move up to 90 credits of past coursework into the internet-based visual depiction degree.

Freedom University is provincially certified by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

3. Kentucky Wesleyan College

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Area Owensboro, KY
Students Getting LOANS 66%

Cooperated with the United Methodist Church, Wesleyan moved from its underlying home in Millersburg, Kentucky, to its present grounds in 1890. Wesleyan offers almost 50 undergrad projects to its around 800 enrollees every year.

Wesleyan’s internet-based four-year education in liberal arts in visual communication underlines primary standards of workmanship and planning. Center classes in the 120-credit degree center around website architecture, activity, and distributing, all of which understudies can apply to internships and other jobs.

Candidates for Wesleyan’s internet-based visual computerization degree should submit records and ACT or SAT scores for thought.

Kentucky Wesleyan College is locally certified by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

3. Lesley University

Lesley University

Area Cambridge, MA
Students Getting LOANS 69%

Established by its namesake, Edith Lesley, in 1909, Lesley currently offers in excess of 120 undergrad and graduate projects. More than 6,500 understudies go to Lesley consistently.

Lesley offers a four-year education in science and graphics design. The degree incorporates 120 credits of coursework and underlines the human side of the advanced plan. Center classes incorporate components of the interface, drawing for the intelligent plan, and client experience business plan. The program likewise offers freedom to work in reasonable settings with plan experts.

Candidates should submit records for thought. Lesley doesn’t need ACT or SAT scores for online confirmation.

Lesley University is locally authorized by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

5. California Baptist University

California Baptist University

Area Riverside, CA
Students Getting LOANS 70%

Established by the California Southern Baptist Convention in 1950, CBU enlists more than 11,300 understudies every year. This college offers in excess of 110 undergrad and graduate projects, including 40 web-based degrees.

Intended for people looking to one or the other development or change into graphics designing vocations, CBU’s internet-based four-year education in fine arts in graphics and advanced media incorporates 48 credits. The educational plan assembles essential plan information through project-based picking up, covering subjects like typography, picture advancement, and website architecture.

Favored candidates have at least 24 adaptable credits with a 2.0 GPA.

California Baptist University is provincially certified by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

6. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College

Area Rockford
Students Getting LOANS 85%

Rasmussen College is a revenue-driven private school that is likewise a Public Benefit Corporation that offers degrees at 24 grounds in Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, and Florida notwithstanding its internet-based division.

The Higher Learning Commission authorizes Rasmussen to present nearby and online declarations, certificates, associate, and four-year college educations in more than 70 fields of study-more 30 of which are offered totally on the web.

The internet-based projects at Rasmussen are adaptable in that you are not needed to be online on a particular sort of day, up to 67% of credits move from different degrees, and all course materials can be observed to be totally on the web and have an advanced arrangement. However a couple of courses might require reading material, and most of the expenses for each class are paid toward the beginning. Program cost is low at just $375 for each credit hour.

7. The Los Angeles Film School

The Los Angeles Film School

Area Hollywood, CA
Students Getting LOANS 80%

The Los Angeles Film School is a revenue-driven school that offers degrees identified with media outlets. The grounds include an enormous office including the renowned RCA studio. Understudies partake in the advantage of making films with studio experts. LA Film School offers film, movement, recording expressions, and diversion businesses in their nearby area and computerized filmmaking, amusement business, visual communication, and music creation on the web.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and the Directors Guild of America offer projects at the associate and bachelor levels.

The Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design at LA Film School is a totally online program that trains understudies on paper plans, photography, website architecture, and movement illustrations.

The web-based program utilizes their Learning Management System-open 24 hours every day that permits you to interface with industry-proficient personnel and staff. You have a chance to gain from inside the business about genuine situations either survive an electronic learning meeting or later at your own comfort.

We like this program in light of its studio-level guidelines and low credit hour cost; which is simply $416 for each credit hour. The program is 120 credit hours and requires three years to finish. Each of the 36 courses instructed through this program is applicable to the field of graphics designing another advantage we like with regards to this program; you don’t invest your energy and cash taking courses that are not pertinent to your certificate, which means you complete this program in only 3 years.

8. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Area Lakewood, CO
Students Getting LOANS 97%

ROCKY Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) is a revenue-driven art and craft school situated in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Study 3D movement, activity, workmanship training, delineation, and visual computerization among others.

The Higher Learning Commission authorizes RMCAD to give four-year college education programs. On the web, RMCAD additionally offers a Master of Arts in Education, Leadership, and Emerging Technology just as four-year certifications in Graphic Design, Illustration, and others.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design utilizes aesthetic sciences to upgrade the innovative experience like classes in liveliness arithmetic, film considers, exploratory writing, arrangement, Art history, and history of visual communication. The bachelor’s degree program at RMCAD obviously has the imagination just as the logical scholar as a main priority.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design offers an exhaustive BFA with a solid human sciences foundation. Understudies start with four basic classes in the 2D plan, 3D plan, drawing, and shading in accordance with craftsmanship and configuration practice.

We picked this program for its thoroughness, quality, and cost. The expense for full-time educational costs is $464 for each credit hour.

9. Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design

Area Savannah, GA
Students Getting LOANS 98%

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private non-benefit school situated in Savannah, Georgia with degree-offering grounds in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Lacoste, France. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools authorizes SCAD which selects more than 12,000 understudies from across the United States and the world.

SCAD was made to offer degrees in programs not yet accessible in the South. Since opening its entryways in 1979 SCAD offers inventive degrees that presently range an enormous innovative range. There’s a B.F.A. or then again M.F.A in practically the entirety of the accompanying fields: composing, engineering, activity, emotional composition, plan the board, style, creation plan, and visual depiction just as so many others. SCAD offers energizing projects internet remembering a four-year certification in liberal arts for photography, an expert of expressive arts in painting, and 23 other invigorating projects. For the imaginative psyche, there is in a real sense something for everybody at SCAD.

The Bachelor of Art in Visual Communication with a fixation in Graphic Design starts with essential investigations in drawing, components of the plan, and shading hypothesis. However, one of our pricier picks for our best 12 this program is positioned profoundly for its nature of administration, especially for inventive fields.

The 45 focus credit hours incorporate website composition and an intuitive plan. Understudies can find out with regards to frame and space just as movement film and photography. This program additionally covers the business side of the visual depiction industry just as how to interface with all children of innovation like PCs, tablets, and PDAs. The Savannah College of Art and Design offers adaptability with 20 credit long periods of free electives. This program costs $782 for each credit hour and requires 180 credit hours.

10. Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Area Bellevue, Nebraska
Students Getting LOANS 80%

Bellevue University is a private non-benefit college situated in Bellevue, Nebraska.

It was established in 1966 with the quick objective of giving training to grown-ups.

Starting in 2011 around 80% of students were beyond 25 years old. Bellevue university presently has more than 10,000 degrees presented at the single man’s, lord, and doctoral levels and is completely authorized by the Higher Learning Commission through the US division of instruction.

Bellevue University, as well as addressing the necessities of grown-up students, is likewise a highest-level military college and offers sped-up degrees for the military workforce and deals at an exceptionally limited rate at $250 each credit hour.

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design offers a multidisciplinary way to deal with assistance people gain a balanced comprehension of what it will take to go into the field. Utilizing the standard business plan programming and equipment, the educational plan at Bellevue University uses applied involved adapting however an internet-based stage. The program instructs from the beginning with plan fundamentals and critical thinking, the historical backdrop of visual depiction, and continuing on to every particular plan type valuable for site improvement getting done with an innovative portfolio.

However, web advancement isn’t the main scene one could take with a plan. At Bellevue, you’ll find out with regard to distribution configuration too. This program costs $410 for internet programming each credit hour.


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