There are many people who are still confused about the Associate degree. They don’t know what is an associate degree and How Long it Takes to Get an Associate Degree. But don’t worry!

We are here to help you in clearing your confusion regarding this degree.

What is an associate degree?

What is an associate degree

An Associate degree is a scholarly program taken at the undergrad level (the principal stage after optional school). It means to give understudies the fundamental specialized and scholastic information and adaptable abilities they need to go on to work or further review in their picked field.

Associate Degrees are most normally presented in the US, yet you’ll likewise think that they are in certain areas of Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and the Netherlands. Different nations have comparable projects yet under an alternate names, for example, establishment degrees in the UK.

How fast can I get an Associate degree?

In the US, associate degrees are accessible at different sorts of schools, including junior colleges, junior schools and specialized schools, associated universities, and college organizations. It ordinarily requires two years to finish an associate degree.

For certain understudies, an associate degree gives readiness to a four-year college education, while for others it’s a capability by its own doing, assisting with further developing work possibilities contrasted with just having finished optional level instruction.

Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree

Both four-year certifications and associate degrees are sorted as “undergrad” degrees, implying that they are both open to understudies when they complete secondary training. Interestingly, “postgraduate” certificates, for example, expert’s or Ph.D. programs, expect understudies to have effectively finished a bachelor’s degree program.

So how might you conclude whether to apply for a four-year certification or an associate degree? Here is a gathering of a portion of the key contrasts:

What is the difference between a bachelor’s degree and an associate degree

Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree Salary

As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2023, bachelor’s degree holders earn approximately $80,000 to 90,000$ per year which is greater than an associate degree holder’s salary. And an associate degree holder earns approximately 50,000$ to 55,000$ per year which is quite less compared to a bachelor’s pay.


To acquire either capability, you’ll need to finish a predefined number of study hours or course credits. This might fluctuate marginally relying on the establishment and area, yet an associate degree typically requires two years to finish full-time.

In the US this likens to 60 acknowledge hours instead of the 120 hours needed for a four-year college education – which requires around four years to finish full time.

Many associate degree understudies decide to concentrate on low maintenance, which implies the degree will set aside more effort to finish. Then again, it’s additionally conceivable to take a “most optimized plan of attack” course, working at a sped-up pace and in any event, considering during the getaways to finish the degree in a more limited time.

Understudies who’ve finished an associate degree might have the option to move some pertinent course credits to combine with a four-year college education, shortening the time required for the last degree.


Educational expenses for an associate degree will in general be lower, and as the course sets aside less effort to finish, the general expense is impressively not exactly that of a four-year college education. The distinction in costs will shift contingent upon the organization, however, you can normally hope to pay around a few times less for an associate degree. What’s more, as you’ll likewise invest less energy contemplating, you’re probably going to save on expenses like convenience also.

Some requirements

At last, requirements for associate degrees are commonly substantially less cutthroat than for four-year college educations, and deadlines are quite feasible and flexible. They can be an option for understudies who don’t meet the passage prerequisites for a four-year certification, maybe because they concentrated on more professional courses or didn’t exactly get sufficient grades.

Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree Computer Science

It is the most frequently asked question by students because they want to know the difference between these two computer science degrees.

An associate degree in computer science needs 2 years and 60 semester credit hours to be completed. On the other hand, a bachelor requires 4 years and 120 semester credit hours to earn a computer science degree.

The benefit of doing an associate degree is you can also do a part-time job with your study time period. The syllabus is also easy compared to the bachelor, so there are more chances to get a higher CGPA which will lead you to a high-paying job.

Associate in Computer Science Salary

It depends on which area of interest are you choosing in a computer science job. But as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for associate degree holders in computer science earn 60,000$ to 75,000$ per year as of 2023.

Is an Associate’s in Computer Science Worth It?

Yes, having an associate degree in computer science is really worth it for students.  As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science, software engineering, and information technology degrees have more growth in coming years than other degrees. Also, you can earn a handsome salary after having this degree. If you were confused about its worth then there is no more issue, go and get a dream job in a multi-national company with this associate degree.

Associate in Computer Science Jobs

By having an associate degree in computer science you can work in top-rated companies like Amazon, IBM, Apple, Tesla, and many others as:

  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Network or Computer Systems Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Network Support Specialist
  • Computer Support Specialist

associate degree in computer science curriculum

associate’s degree in computer science requirements

Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice Online

If you are a job holder or have other commitments and looking to pursue your studies in criminal justice. Then wait is over there are many universities in the USA that facilitate their students to earn 100% online associate degrees in criminal justice.

In any university that is offering an online associate degree, you will need to study 30 semester credit hours with core subjects in your first year. And in the second year, you have to study more advanced subjects with 30 semester credit hours to accomplish your associate degree.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

To earn an associate degree in criminal justice you will need two years to complete it with 60 semester hours. But keep in mind, if you have some other concerns and want to do it part-time then the university will facilitate completing it in more than 2 years.

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Types of associate degrees

associate degree courses

There are four sorts of associate degrees:

  • AA (Associate of Arts)
  • AS (Associate of Science
  • AAA (Associate of Applied Arts)
  • AAS (Associate of Applied Science).

Types of associate degrees

The principle distinction is that the ‘applied’ courses are more centered around planning understudies for a specific profession, zeroing in on commonsense professional abilities, while the AA and AS are designated more at understudies who need to go on to a four-year college education, with an attention on the groundwork for more significant levels of scholastic review.

Online associate degrees are additionally turning out to be more well known, because of their adaptability and reasonableness, permitting people to work while they study, frequently at a diminished cost.

Why pick an associate degree?

There are heaps of potential motivations to pick an associate degree. You might need to enter the working environment all the more rapidly and cost-successfully. Or on the other hand, you might need to concentrate on a full four-year college education but not have sufficient grades, or essentially like paying lower educational expenses for a couple of years before moving.

Truth be told, maybe the most effortless approach to choose whether or not you ought to set out on a partner’s certification is to consider the vocation you need to get into, and to apply for the degree that will best prepare you for that position. It may even be beneficial to If taking a look at the present place of employment postings in the country you need to work in and explore the capabilities and abilities most popular among your objective bosses.

Associate Degree Credit Hours

how many credits is an associate degree

Associate Degree Credit Hours

Maybe than estimating the time it will take to acquire your associate degree by months or a long time, consider it rather as far as credit hours. As per the U.S. Division of Education, most American schools and colleges grant school credit by the semester hour. To get a partner degree, you should procure no less than 60 credits, which commonly can be satisfied by finishing 20, 3-credit courses.

While numerous customary American advanced education organizations follow scholastic years that are partitioned into 2 equivalent semesters of 15 or four months, others are isolated into quarters. What’s more, still others, including on the web colleges, may present up to 6 terms every year.

The semester configuration of the organization you at last picked can enormously increment or diminish the number of classes you can require every year—hence shortening or stretching the time it will take for you to procure your 60 credits. For instance, colleges that offer online courses may likewise offer you a more prominent number of freedoms to procure credits all through the scholarly year.

Associate Degree Requirements

One of the upsides of picking an Associate degree is the fewer requirements. Here are a couple of ordinary models utilized by colleges and universities:

  • Secondary school recognition
  • Normal GPA: 2.0 – 2.5
  • Confirmation of English capability: TOEFL iBT (60 – 70), IELTS Academic (5.5 – 6.5), or PTE Academic (50)
  • Official record of records (grades)
  • Application expense
  • For some review programs, you may be needed to give extra reports, similar to SAT, ACT, or CLT test results, articles, or even a higher GPA (over 3.0).

What amount does an Associate degree cost?

What amount does an Associate degree cost

Educational expenses for Associate degree courses fluctuate essentially starting with one school and country and then onto the next.

You can hope to pay anyplace somewhere in the range of 2,400 and 20,000 EUR/year or more. Denmark offers free Associate degrees, however just to EU/EEA understudies. On the contrary limit, some Associate degrees in the US can cost more than 30,000 EUR/year.

You can utilize the channels on our entrance to discover programs that match your financial plan. Here are a couple of guides to kick you off:

  • Partner degrees with an educational cost between 0 – 5,000 EUR/year
  • Partner degrees with an educational cost between 5,000 – 10,000 EUR/year
  • Partner degrees with an educational cost between 10,000 – 20,000 EUR/year
  • Partner degrees with education cost more than 20,000 EUR/per year

Our Verdict

It relies upon your vocational plans and monetary assets. In the event that you extravagant a professional calling, do some examination and check whether you can find a new line of work with an Associate degree – much of the time, the appropriate response is ‘yes.

In case you’re not content with the secondary school GPA or grades, an Associate degree is a great alternative to concentrate on regarding the matter you’re keen on, work on your imprints, and afterward apply for a Bachelor’s.

You may even have the option to move your Associate course credits and just review 2 years out of the 3 or 4 for the Bachelor’s program. To accomplish this, courses should be viable, and the college should permit this sort of credit move. Your organization can offer more itemized direction on this.

However, as long as you have a very arranged professional way and realize what’s in store, an Associate degree can undoubtedly turn into a resource on your CV.

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