Online education is the most convenient way to get some degree, especially after the pandemic the value of online education goes up drastically and now the companies are giving jobs to the students who have online degrees. Online degrees are affordable and also suitable for everyone.

Now a student can take admission in the bachelor’s degree from anywhere in the world in top-notch universities and get the knowledge that was previously available for the first world country students. The normal length of an online bachelor’s degree is four years but some universities give you the option to do it faster.

Now the student doesn’t have to pay visa fees or rent for the hostels and he can earn his degree from his couch anywhere in the world. There are many bachelor’s degree programs that you can choose according to your history and interest.

What is a bachelor’s degree?

What is a bachelors degree

Bachelor’s degree is a four-year program in which the students have to study a specific major subject in which they can pursue their careers ahead. You can say that it is the foundation of his studies in some specific career. Before bachelors all the studies were general but now students will get knowledge and skill which is needed to pursue in their career.

There are many major subjects that a student can choose like biology, math, business, economics and many more from which you can choose according to your interest. Many people prefer to work before getting into the bachelor’s degree program but this is not necessary to work before the bachelor’s degree program.

How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree online?

Like the traditional degree, the online bachelor’s degree also takes four years to earn a degree but online one thing is good and that is the location and the time of the classes are very flexible you don’t need to be on-campus at 9 in the morning and you just need a laptop and fast internet connection for the class.

The student who is doing the online bachelor’s degree has to take the 120 credit hours classes and there are some other subjects that he has to study other than his selected major subject. There is one thing that is very important in an online degree and that is to choose the major subject you are interested in otherwise you can’t focus on the classes.

How long does it take to get a bachelor's degree online

Average time to get a bachelor’s degree

The average time for the bachelor’s degree is four years and for the associate degree the time is two years but many researchers say students who started their bachelor’s degree most of them can’t complete it in four years and it might take four to five years and sometimes six years as well.

That is why many online accredited universities are making the bachelor’s degree fast like you can complete the degree within three years by doing some extra work and when you are interested in some subject you can do it way faster than the normal subject.

We recommend that when you are selecting the majors for your degree don’t listen to society and go for the obvious ones like all the other rat racers but choose the subject that inspires you and you would love to study. This way you will complete your degree with great grades and you will learn it with more focus.

Types of Bachelor Degree

There are two basic types of bachelor’s degrees one is the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the other is called Bachelor of Science (BS). The other branches of the bachelor we see now are from these two trees let’s discuss some of the bachelor degrees.

Types of Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Arts – BA in Arts

What is a Bachelor of Arts degree?

It is an undergraduate degree program which is done in four years and all subjects other than science subjects are included. In this degree, all the social subjects are included like if you selected the BA in psychology then the major subject would be psychology but still, you have to study some other general subjects like English and some others according to your selected major.

What is a Bachelor of Arts degree

Subjects in Bachelor of Arts

There are many subjects that are included in the Bachelor of Arts but here we will talk about some most important majors that you can choose:

  1. Bachelor’s in Media Studies
  2. Bachelor’s in English
  3. Bachelor’s in sociology
  4. Bachelor’s in French
  5. Bachelor’s in psychology
  6. Bachelor’s in philosophy
  7. Bachelor’s in history
  8. Bachelor’s in religious studies
  9. Bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication

You can also select any other language as your major subject in the bachelor program. If you are looking for a career in teaching jobs then you can go for these subjects as majors.

What is a Bachelor of Arts degree good for?

There are many career options that you can adopt after doing the Bachelor of Arts. You can pursue your career in the business, writing, teaching, journalism, and many other career options. We have many examples in front of us for the people who have done the bachelors of arts and now they are earning a very handsome amount.

You can pursue your career in marketing, human resource, economics, and accounts and can earn a very handsome amount of money. Many people do the Bachelor of Arts in language so, they can teach in that language you can also do this if you have interest in the languages.

Types of Bachelor of Arts degrees

There are many types of Bachelor of Arts degrees but we would focus on the very important ones:

  • BA in African American and African Diaspora Studies
  • BA in American Studies
  • BA in Anthropology
  • BA in Art History
  • BA in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • BA in Comparative Literature
  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese, The Language Flagship—Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • BA in English (Concentration in Creative Writing, Concentration in Public and Professional Writing)
  • BA in Gender Studies

These are some types of Bachelor of Arts but there are many others that we can’t mention here.

Bachelor of Science – BS Science

What is a Bachelor of Science degree?

As you can see from the name the degrees of science in their majors are called BS science. Before 1890 all the undergraduate programs are called the Bachelor in arts but then in 1890 the University of London name the degrees of science to BS science and this is how the BS was invented.

The Bachelor in science is also the same as the Bachelor of Arts in terms of length both can be completed in four to five years but it might be less or more according to your location and country in which you are studying.

What is a Bachelor of Science degree

Types of Bachelor of Science degrees

These are some Bachelor of Science degrees that we would list down below:

  • BS in Apparel Merchandising
  • BS in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • BS in Biochemistry
  • BS in Biology
  • BS in Animal Behavior
  • BS in Cognitive Science
  • BS in Comprehensive Design
  • BS in Computational Linguistics
  • BS in Environmental Science
  • BS in Human Biology
  • BS in Geological Sciences
  • BS in International Studies
  • BS in Mathematics
  • BS in Microbiology
  • BS in Neuroscience
  • BS in Physics

These are the majors in the bachelor’s of science that you can choose.

What is a Bachelor of Science degree good for?

The Bachelor of Science degree opens a lot of career options in front of you and you have to choose from them. There is a vast number of technical fields in which you can go and study. The most important career that you can adopt after the Bachelor of Science is to be a teacher in your majors like Biology or chemistry.

There are many technical fields like you can be a bio-scientist or neuroscientist after studying biology and neuroscience. There are some options for software engineers or IT experts if you are into computer science. So, these are some important science degrees that you can go with and earn a handsome amount as the salary.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Degrees in Fine Art

What is the bachelor of fine arts?

Many people think that the fine arts and the arts degrees are the same but that is not true because there is a difference between these degrees. The other name of fine arts degree in visual arts is because it includes the professional visual arts forms. All the arts in which visual performance is needed are included in the bachelor of fine arts.

The bachelor of fine arts includes acting, dancing, drawing, game designs, animations, visual designs, technical design, music, and many other things that are included in the fine arts degree.

What is the bachelor of fine arts

Types of Bachelor in Fine Arts

These are the types of fine arts in which you can do your bachelor.

  • Bachelors in Drawing
  • Bachelors in Painting
  • Bachelors in sculpture
  • Bachelors in ceramics
  • Bachelors in miniature painting
  • Bachelors in Film and video making
  • Bachelors in computer skills
  • Bachelors in Liberal arts
  • Bachelor in music

These are some important degrees that you can get in the bachelor of fine arts.

What can you do with an arts degree – fine arts career

This degree is directly related to the people who have the inner talent we can say that the bachelor of fine arts is the degree in which the institute polishes the creativity and talent of the artist and gave him the confidence to pursue his career in this field.

Many jobs are directly related to the people who have done a bachelor’s in fine arts and they can apply for these jobs. The jobs that are directly related to your degree are Advertising art director, Art therapist, Commercial art gallery manager, Community arts worker, Museum/gallery exhibitions officer, Illustrator, Exhibition designer, and graphics designer these are the jobs that you can get after the undergraduate degree in fine arts.

Cost of a Bachelor’s Degree

Cost of a Bachelor's Degree

The cost of the bachelor’s degree depending on the country and university where you want to study many universities have affordable fees while the others are very expensive and this also depends on your country so, many factors play role in determining the cost of the bachelor’s degree.

There are two types of universities in the USA public and private of course the public universities are the cheaper option and they have also good faculty, on the other hand, private universities are the expensive option. If we just look at the general cost of a bachelor’s degree in a public university then the cost is about $12000.

On the other hand, if we look at the same degree in some private universities then the cost of that degree in private universities is $48000 which is 4 times more than in a public university. Sometimes there are some scholarships and aids in public and private universities that might lower the cost of your education.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

There is a total of six requirements to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. You have to attend the 120 hours of credit semesters in the university
  2. You have to follow all the college academic standards.
  3. Complete the major subject you have chosen in your under graduation
  4. If you have lower marks in any of the courses then you have to remove from it to get your bachelor’s degree.
  5. To get your bachelors degree, you have to complete the University of Iowa residence requirement that can vary from university to university so, check these in your university
  6. There is a course called General Education CLAS Core you have to complete their requirements to earn your bachelor’s degree.

These are some requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to earn a bachelor’s degree these are some general requirements and it can be different for other universities so, look at the official website of your university and know that what are the compulsory requirements you need to get a degree and one tip is that look at these things before taking the admission.

On-Campus Vs Online

On-Campus Vs Online

This is a very heated debate and everybody is trying to figure out which one is better until 2020 and then the pandemic happens and everything got online and now the people who were trying to say that the online study is not good are saying that you should study online because it is safe for your health.

There is no doubt that there are some benefits and cons of these both study methods and before the pandemic, there was a very less amount of people that we’re saying that online education is not better and pandemic changed their opinion totally and now they have only online degrees holders for the job.

There are more than 75% of companies that said online education is better than on-campus education because it reduces the cost and the people who don’t have time for some personal reasons can also get online education and complete their degrees so, online education is way better than the traditional education form and now this reality is accepted by all the big company owners and now the online degrees and on-campus degrees both are equal and there will be no discrimination for jobs.

At this point, I wonder that who would go for traditional education because it cost more you need to move to the campus leave our home and follow the rules, on the other hand, you just need a laptop and internet and you can take classes in your pajamas.

How to Choose the Right Bachelor’s Degree Program?

Let us guide you step by step that how you can choose the right degree for yourself:

  1. First, don’t go for the degrees that society tells you to go with try to find the fields you are interested in, and then do research about it.
  2. Okay so, now you found the field of your interest, make sure that you choose the field that has higher chances of growth.
  3. Now you have decided your degree of interest and its potential find the best university for your field.
  4. Do some research and find out which option is better for you traditional education or online education. You have to talk to some other students that studied at your university.
  5. Now everything is done go and take admission in your selected university always try to apply to more than one university so, your time is not wasted.

This is the easiest and right way to choose the degree for you.

What is the easiest bachelor’s degree to get

In our view, the degree that you are interested in is the easiest one because you study with focus and interest but you might have some different opinions so, here we are going to list down some degrees that are considered to be the easiest one.

  • Bachelors in English
  • Bachelors in social work
  • Bachelors in history
  • Bachelors in education
  • Bachelors in communication
  • Bachelors in criminal justice

These are the easiest bachelor’s degrees that you can do online or on-campus as you feel easy.


Can you get a bachelor's degree in 2 years?
Yes, you can complete education your degree in two years which typically ends in four to five years so, how you can do it the process is simple to take admission in some government accredited online university. The online universities give you the option to complete your study within two years. But as we said earlier that you can do it in the online universities but only do from the ones that are accredited by the authorities.
Can I get a bachelor's degree in 1 year?
Yes, it is possible that you can complete the four years degree within the year but that depends that which degree you are doing and from which university. Most of the time these kinds of things are possible in the online university that you get the four years degree completed in one year.
Is an associate's degree worth it?
Yes, the associate degrees are way better than the four years bs program and according to researches the people with associate degrees have a full grip on their skills and they perform better in their career as compared to the bachelor degree holders. If you want to do a bachelor’s after the associate degree then the 2 years exempts from the bachelor’s. This is also less expensive as compared to the four years bachelor’s degree.
Are Bachelor's Degrees Hard?
It depends that if you have selected your majors with your interest or because of the society if you are doing what you like to study then your degree will be very easy but if you are not doing it because of your interest then it would be hard af because you can’t focus on your studies. So, select the majors that you love.



The bachelor’s degree is the foundation of your career it shows which career you are going to pursue in your future but many people seem to be confused they don’t know that what to choose in their career and so, for them, the subject in which they are interested should be their first choice but also check some other things like its potential and growth.

Normally the bachelor’s degree can be done in four years but if you do some research then many universities might save your time and it would be a great option. You can complete your four years degree in two years or even less than that and it would also be cheap as compared to the cost of a campus degree.

So, take your decision after doing very detailed research about the degree and then about the university. If you find this article helpful then you can share it with your friends and family members who might need this information.

Thank you for sharing.

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