Makeup artists are the professionals who make your face gleam like sunshine. They are also called MUA. Today, the makeup industry is highly demanding, everyone wants to look perfect and glowing more than ever. For that, they take the services of makeup artists.

There are a lot of career opportunities available for people who want to pursue their careers as makeup artists. They can open their salons or can work in someone’s salon. But the question is that how would you manage to become a makeup artist? The answer is very simple; you can join any makeup artistry school and could learn the art of makeup.

There are many artistry schools that offer special cosmetological and esthetician programs. After completing your professional degree you will get the license and could easily pursue your career as a makeup artist.

What Education Do You Need to be a Makeup Artist?

What education do you need to be a makeup artist

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the makeup experts complete their preparation through programs that need something like a secondary school recognition or its equivalent. All states require beauticians and cosmetics specialists to have a state permit, particularly when they additionally work with hair. Authorizing necessities to change for each state.

Cosmetology Program

Cosmetics specialists can get proficient preparation through a cosmetology certificate program presented at a junior college. Some cosmetology programs are offered on the web. Cosmetology students gain proficiency with courses including cosmetics application, haircutting and styling, skincare medicines, and nail care.

Theater Degree

The people who seek to function as cosmetics specialists for film and theater can procure a four-year certification in the theater. Large numbers of these projects consolidate cosmetics into the educational program, and some proposition focuses on cosmetics.

Understudies learn essential cosmetics applications, embellishments (like injuries and maturing), and therapeutic cosmetics. Understudies might scrutinize their insight during school creation. Distance learning programs in the performance centers are additionally accessible.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Makeup Artist?

How long does it take to become a makeup artist

It is a most asked question that people mostly ask. Actually, it depends on the course work that the school is offering or it also depends on the level of your expertise. The course consists of 3 -4 months in most cases but sometimes it also consists of 1 year or above.

Makeup Artistry Schools for Makeup Artists

Selecting a school to become a professional artist is another problem so, we have prepared a list of the 10 best makeup artistry schools  that would be helpful for you in finding the best school:

  1. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
  2. CMC Makeup School
  3. The Art Institute of Washington
  4.  Montclair State University
  5. Makeup Designory
  6.  Cinema Makeup School
  7. Shenandoah University
  8. Douglas Education Center
  9. Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry
  10. Elegance International Beauty

1. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is a well-known school for individuals who want to pursue their careers as proficient cosmetics artists. The school was established in 1969 and from that point forward, it has helped a great many understudies to secure positions by providing them with top-notch courses that educate all that you want to be aware of in a professional way.

This school is extraordinary in light of the fact that it offers programs for cosmetics artists as well as costume designing, style merchandising, representation, and inside plan.

Other than courses that encourage you how to do cosmetics in media outlets, FIDM likewise provides understudies with promising circumstances for temporary positions and apprenticeships. This gives understudies genuine experience, which they can utilize at some other time when attempting to get a new line of work or go into business.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 919 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Cost : $32,732


2. CMC Makeup School

CMC Makeup School

CMC Makeup School comes second in our run down. It is a well-known artistry school that will teach you how to do cosmetics for theater, film, and TV. Few experts in this makeup industry who see precisely the stuff had established this school for the people who break into this cutthroat field. It was established in the mid-2000s.

This school has two branches one in New York City and one more in Los Angeles.

CMC gives understudies great courses that are delivered by experts who are enthusiastic with regard to what they do. They make sure that their understudies get all the information and abilities that they need to become proficient cosmetics artists.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 9535 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX & Online

Cost : $1200


3. The Art Institute of Washington

The Art Institute of Washington

This is one more extraordinary choice for people who need to figure out how to do cosmetics in the media industry. It offers programs in Game Art and Design, Visual Effects/Animation, and Graphic planning, so graduates will be equipped for a wide scope of occupations across different fields relying upon their specialization.

This school has two campuses one in Virginia and one in California, so understudies will go to classes regardless of where they are found.

Regardless of whether they have any related knowledge or capabilities, the educators see precisely the stuff to become effective in the diversion fields. They supply understudies with the information and abilities that they need to play out their work well.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road N. E., Atlanta, GA 30328

Cost : $17,796


4. Montclair State University

Montclair State University

Montclair State University teaches the art of cosmetics in the media industry. It offers programs in style merchandising and visual computerization which understudies can take contingent upon their inclinations and professional objectives. The school was set up back in 1908, so it has a great deal of involvement with assisting students how to break in into the media industry.

The school has branches across New Jersey, so you can go to classes regardless of where you are found. This likewise gives understudies admittance to a lot of chances for temporary jobs and work open doors in adjacent urban communities/states.

Type of institute: Public

Located at: 1 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043

Cost : $13,073 (neighborhood), $21,033 (on campus)


5. Makeup Designory

Makeup Designory

MUD is an extraordinary choice for those who want to pursue a career as a makeup artist. It was established in 1987 and from that point forward it has helped a large number of understudies break into the media industry by adorning them with top-notch courses.

The school has two branches one in Los Angeles and one more on the East Coast, so you have different choices in picking where to review contingent on your area, plan, and so on.

MUD centers around excellence in cosmetics yet additionally trains understudies how to do make-up and hairstyling for photoshoots and media outlets.

The Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education allowed the school endorsement to work.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 65 Broadway, fifteenth floor New York, NY 10006

Cost : $9,408.00


6.  Cinema Makeup School

Cinema Makeup School

Cinema  Makeup School is another best choice for any individual who wants to pursue the imaginative side of cosmetics. This school centers around helping understudies how to make their customers appear as though celebrities rather than simply conventional individuals, giving them an edge in the business.

Cinema Makeup School gives three certificate projects to individuals who need to become cosmetics specialists. Certificate programs permit understudies to seek after an educational plan that is pertinent to their expert objectives. Activities of every kind are driven by top industry experts in a fun, innovative climate that urges students to work together.

Film Makeup School likewise offers a Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling program, which can assist you with securing your opportunity in this industry.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 3780 Wilshire Blvd Study Room, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Cost : $30,950 (incorporates lab charges and materials


7. Shenandoah University

Shenandoah University

To figure out how to do cosmetics for theater, film, and TV, you can’t turn out badly with Shenandoah University’s projects. It offers programs in different vocation fields, including Digital Media Arts (DMA), Game Art and Design, Visual Effects/Animation, and Graphic Design. This permits understudies to pick a program dependent on their inclinations and professional objectives, which is extraordinary for guaranteeing that they get the most worth from their time at this school.

The courses are taught by experts who have experience working in different amusement fields realizing that each of your educators will be more than qualified to show you all that I am familiar with cosmetics creativity.

Shenandoah University has a few campuses across Virginia, so you can go to classes regardless of where you are found. This additionally gives understudies admittance to a lot of chances for starting level positions and work open doors in adjacent urban communities/states since they will forever be close enough for somebody who lives nearby to go to.

Type of institute: Private

Located at 1460 University Dr, Winchester, VA 22601

Cost : $33,180


8. Douglas Education Center

Douglas Education Center

Douglas Education Center is a cosmetics school that offers programs for experts and non-experts. Understudies here get familiar with the specialized and creative side of the exchange, which can prompt more choices further down the road.

This is an extraordinary school to consider assuming you’re searching for adaptability. This cosmetics program instructs both the creative and specialized sides of the business, so understudies can conclude how they need to go about their business sometime down the road.

This school offers a broad educational plan that incorporates showing customers everything from putting on superficial items accurately to planning ensembles. The total expense of the program is more than $15,000.

One thing that separates this school from others is the three months later graduation when understudies can work with tutors and make associations in the business, which can prompt future positions.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 130 seventh St, Monessen, PA 15062

Cost: $37,875 (for every one of the 4 semesters)


9. Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is a school for individuals who seek to become cosmetics specialists. It presents programs that last from three weeks to a half year, contingent upon your requirements and what you look for from this profession way.

It was established by experienced Hollywood experts who have worked with probably the greatest stars in Hollywood.

This school offers a thorough program that remembers courses for cosmetics imaginativeness and magnificence, design, and superstar hairstyling.

Type of institute: Private

Located at: 3440 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Cost: $9,550


10. Elegance International Beauty

Elegance International Beauty school

Elegance International Beauty is a school for individuals who are hoping to find out about the cosmetics industry. It offers programs that last for a half year and gives understudies the chance to get active involvement with this industry by giving them admittance to proficient specialists they can shadow while going to courses at the school.

It was established by a gathering of individuals who have been in the business for a really long time and need to help other people advance too.

The Private Career Training Institutions Agency—which guarantees that understudies will get great instruction from qualified experts—authorize this school.

Type of institute: Private

Located at:  6767 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, 90028 CA

Cost: Not accessible now


Cost Table

School name Cost
Fashion Institute of Design $32,732
CMC makeup School $1200
The Art Institute of Washington $17,796
Montclair State University $13,073
Makeup Designory $9,408.00
Cinema Makeup Schools $30,950 (incorporates lab charges and materials
Shenandoah University $33,180
Douglas Education Center $37,875
Cosmix School of Makeup $9,550
Elegance International Beauty Not accessible now

Opportunities After Completing Makeup School Certification

Assuming you’re keen on hair and cosmetics school, you likely need to become familiar with somewhat more with regards to how tutoring can help you. After completing your training what will be your schooling achievement for you in the vocation world? There are almost unending open positions in the magnificence business accessible to somebody who’s finished a hair and cosmetics program. Here are only a couple of your choices.

Salon Stylist

A salon beautician is most likely the principal work that rings a bell when you ponder occupations later in hair and cosmetics school. These beauticians work in proficient salons and handle customers that come through, offering customized administrations to everyone. Assuming you’re truly inspired by the ordinary creativity of the calling, this might be the ideal choice.

Photograph and Movie Stylist

Photograph and Movie Stylist

Films and photoshoots need cosmetics in an altogether different manner than daily existence. There’s an alternate arrangement of abilities that photograph and film beauticians use, which necessitates that you see how the camera gets on the cosmetics you apply. Assuming that you love working in the background in media industry, you might incline toward this work.

Deals Consultant

At the point when you know a great deal about cosmetics and hair, you’ll see how items connect with an individual’s skin and hair. Since the overall population doesn’t have that information, it’s valuable expertise to have to assume you’re keen on selling items. With the abundance of excellent items accessible available, you can turn into a business expert for a particular brand or for a delightful organization.

Salon Owner

On top of working in a salon, your insight into the magnificence of business can work well for you as a salon proprietor or franchisee. Regardless of whether you have an extremely generous hand in the genuine administrations your salon gives to clients, it’s great to have a top to bottom comprehension of those administrations so you can run your salon all the more easily.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant

A beauty specialist, similar to a business expert, uses their insight to help the normal individual. As an expert, you might work with people or brands that decide how to make an alternate individual or corporate personality. The information you’ll learn in hair and magnificence school will reinforce your believability and supportiveness.

Nail artist

Nail technician takes special position in numerous hair and cosmetics programs. As a nail specialist, you might perform nail design, spa medicines, nail cleaning, and some other things. On the off chance that this interests you, ensure the hair and cosmetics school you’re going to offers nail specialist training.

Makeup  Educator

Whenever you’ve mastered all that there is to learn and you have numerous long periods of involvement with the excellent local area, what’s next? For some individuals, the subsequent stage is to turn into an instructor and show the up-and-coming age of excellence experts. Having existing involvement with the magnificence business is a significant piece of this work, however on the off chance that this is the ultimate objective for you, it’s great to have proficient instruction from an excellent hair and cosmetics school.

Artists Pro Tips:

Rachel Ferran Top Tips for Makeup Artists:

There are many known makeup artists who are teaching many students online and on-ground basis. They are experts in their fields and we often see them helping juniors to achieve that they could never think of without proper guidance. Here are some tips from Rachel Ferran that will help you a lot in your makeup career:

  • Do your research: “make sure this is the career that is right for you because it does have startup costs, including products and supplies.”
  • Learn the type of artist that you want to be: “bridal, theater, etc. Then you can narrow down which school is best for you.”
  • “Get a job at retail makeup counters to get experience.”
  • “Ask makeup artists in the industry lots of questions so you can learn more. Apply to assist artists on big jobs or run tasks for them to gain experience in the industry.”
  • Build your portfolio: “This is more than a photo book. Build your following on social media as a form of your portfolio. Ferran recommends taking courses in social media and photography to document your work properly. Ferran states: “An artist is more than doing the work. It’s about business building.”


The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a ton of occupations development in the beauty field throughout the following not many years. With this article, I desire to give some understanding of what study to seek after cosmetics certification as a calling.

There are many reasons cosmetics expert is cool, including their flexibility, inventiveness, and capacity to work together with various divisions in film/stage/TV.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll chip away at the following tremendous business TV achievement. Getting in close contact with the entertainers while they’re not performing is dependably a critical encounter.



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