To become a neurosurgeon one requires a significant financial investment, as well as time, energy, and the capacity to make difficult judgments. The process of becoming a neurosurgeon, honestly speaking, is not a bed of roses. You have to burn the midnight oil to accomplish what you have ever wished for.

You can get admission to a neurosurgical program after completing your graduation in medical sciences. The Department of Neurosurgery at Harvard University Medical School, in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, provides excellent opportunities for clinical surgery in all subspecialties, with a strong emphasis on research, at the highest-ranked university and hospitals for medicine and neurosurgery.

If you are searching for the best neurosurgery school to get into in 2023, we are here to help you in this regard. Finding the best medical school for neurosurgery is not an easy task, we have compiled a list of the 10 best neurosurgery schools for you.

Which Medical School Produces the Most Neurosurgeons?

With a percentage of medical graduates of 3.799 percent, Vanderbilt University produced the most neurosurgical residents. The university that graduated the most neurosurgery residents (n = 40) was Case Western Reserve University.

Top 10 Best Colleges for Neurology

All the medical schools we have compiled for you are listed according to their rankings, acceptance rates, and many other important factors. So let’s have a look at the top 10 best colleges for Neurology:

  1. Yale University
  2. University of California
  3. University of Pittsburgh
  4. University of Kentucky
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of Miami
  7. University of Michigan
  8. Ohio State University
  9. New York University
  10. University of Washington

1. Yale University

Yale University

Yale University is one of the most important and influential academic institutions in the world. The University of Yale has established itself as a global learning management system for native as well as ambitious overseas students from all areas of life since its founding in 1701.

Yale university is famous for its average acceptance rate and reasonable cost.

The medical area is covered by Yale School of Medicine from a global outlook of research-based medical studies. The Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Neurosurgery promotes and benefits young neurosurgeons in a variety of ways:

  • Franklin Robinson Fellowship provides clinical experience, teaching opportunities, and research possibilities in neurosurgery to young medical students.
  • Neurosurgery exposure has been provided to trainees in both pediatric and adult neurosurgery.
  • Neurosurgery exposure has been provided to trainees in both pediatric and adult neurosurgery.
  • The largest flagship hospital in Connecticut, New Haven Yale Hospital, is affiliated with Yale School of Medicine and the Department of Neurosurgery.
  • Students learn and practice the newly emerging as well as referred diseases and conditions because the neurosurgical facility given at associated Hospitals in Connecticut deals with both recently diagnosed and referred patients.
  • GPA needed: N/A
  • Acceptance rate: 6%
  • Address: 38 HILLHOUSE AVE NEW HAVEN, CT 06511
  • Contact no. : 203.432.9316

Is Yale or Harvard Better?

Yale is ranked number 17th whereas Harvard is ranked 3rd among the best medical colleges.

Is Yale or Harvard Harder to Get Into?

Harvard University has a very low acceptance rate therefore if we talk about the rate of admission in the college, it is very difficult to get into it. But as compared to Harvard Yale university is easier to get into.

2. University of California

University of California

UCLA is home to the College of Letters and Sciences as well as a number of graduate schools and programs, including the highly ranked Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, and David Geffen School of Medicine, all of which are located in LA Westwood neighborhood, just five miles from the Pacific Ocean. UCLA also includes a prominent School of Dentistry.

The University of California is famous for the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, one of the country’s top-rated hospitals.

UCLA’s Southern California campus is around 400 acres in size and is close to the seashore. The Bruin Walk, a popular pathway that connects the residence halls to the heart of campus, is one of the busiest on campus. UCLA provides accommodation for students for three years. More than 1,000 student organizations are available at the institution, including media clubs and more than 65 Greek chapters, which account for roughly 13% of the student body.

  • GPA needed: 3.0
  • Acceptance rate: 12%
  • Address: 38 HILLHOUSE AVE NEW HAVEN, CT 06511
  • Contact no. : +1 310-825-4321

Is UCLA and the University of California the Same?

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is ranked among the best public grant universities in the world. University is known for its unmatched faculty and its determination to teach and learn.

What is the Biggest UC Campus?

Davis Campus is considered one of the biggest campuses of the University of California education system. It has 3rd largest student population.

3. University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh was established in 1787 as a public university. It has an overall undergraduate enrollment of 19,197 students (fall 2020), is located in an urban area, and spans 145 acres. The academic calendar is semester-based.

The university’s highly ranked School of Medicine, School of Education, and Swanson School of Engineering have all received national recognition. The School of Medicine is known for its research, which is conducted in collaboration with the highly acclaimed University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and it receives one of the highest levels of funding from the National Institutes of Health.

The University of Pittsburgh is famous for its commitment to environmentally friendly research.

At the school’s Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, students and professors focus on environmentally friendly local solutions. Famous football personalities Mike Ditka and Dan Marino, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon, and Roscoe Robinson Jr., the first African-American to play in the NFL, are the University of Pittsburgh, alumni.

  • GPA needed: 3.0
  • Acceptance rate: 57%
  • Address: 4200 FIFTH AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA 15260
  • Contact no. : (412) 624-PITT [7488]

What do Students say About the University of Pittsburgh?

We have collected some reviews according to the students studying there:

  • Most of them said, “Yes, I would recommend this school to a friend.”

It has received a 4.5-star ranking.

4. University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine has a November 1 application deadline each year. The University of Kentucky charges a $50 application fee. Full-time tuition is $38,938 (in-state) and full-time tuition is $72,330. (out-of-state). At the University of Kentucky, the faculty-to-student ratio is 9:1. There are 663 full-time faculty members at the College of Medicine.

Best Medical Schools: Research is ranked No. 70 (tie) and Best Medical Schools: Primary Care is ranked No. 93-123. Schools are ranked based on their performance on a set of widely regarded excellence factors.

The University of Kentucky is famous for providing high-quality major programs like Medicine, management, and business.

  • GPA needed:
  • Acceptance rate: 5%
  • Address: 450 JANE STANFORD WAY STANFORD, CA 94305
  • Contact no. : (412) 624-PITT [7488]

Is the University of Kentucky a Good School?

The University of Kentucky is ranked #27th among the best national universities. The faculty is well-reputed and hardworking.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University was founded in 1885 and is a private university. It has 6,366 undergraduate students (fall 2020), a suburban location, and an 8,180-acre campus. The academic calendar is divided into quarters. In the 2023 editions of Best Colleges, Stanford University is ranked #6 among National Universities.

Stanford University has seven schools, four of which offer both undergraduate and graduate programs, and three of which are solely graduate programs. The School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine, and Graduate School of Business are among the top-ranked graduate programs at the university. Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment is in charge of coordinating environmental research, education, and outreach. The Ram’s Head Theatrical Company is one of Stanford’s many well-known theatrical and musical companies.

 Stanford University is famous for promoting research and development n different fields.

  • GPA needed: N/A
  • Acceptance rate: 96%
  • Contact no. : 650-723-2300

Can I study at Stanford for free?

Yes, you can. If you have a family income of below $65000, you can study there for free.

Can I go to Stanford after the 12th?

Yes, you can go to Stanford after 12th in any of the undergraduate programs but it’s not so easy to take admission there.

6. University of Miami

University of Miami

The University of Miami was established in 1925 as a private college. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 11,334 students (fall 2020), a suburban environment, and a 239-acre campus. The academic calendar is semester-based. The University of Miami has ranked #55 in National Universities in the Best Colleges 2023 edition.

The University of Miami, which is located in Southern Florida, is an excellent choice for students who enjoy being outside. Students have plenty of chances for water sports, hiking, and sunbathing with prominent sites like South Beach, the Florida Keys, and Everglades National Park nearby. Downtown Miami, which is also close to the institution, is a vibrant sports and cultural hub. 2,500 students are members of roughly 30 fraternities and sororities on campus.

Students can also join one of over 290 clubs and organizations on campus. Freshmen are obliged to live on campus and have the option of living in one of the five residential colleges. The different communities combine living and learning with common meals, poetry readings, sports, and other events, and are modeled after the housing system at England’s Oxford and Cambridge universities.

The University of Miami is famous for the research activities they perform.

  • GPA needed: 3.0
  • Acceptance rate: 27%
  • Contact no. : 305-284-2211

Is the University of Miami Prestigious?

Yes, the University of Miami is a prestigious school, it enhances the students’ capabilities and also imparts them with a quality education that opens the door to opportunities for them.

Is the University of Miami a party School?

The University of Miami,  according to playboy magazine, is a party school in the US. There are many reasons behind this.

7. University of Michigan

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor was founded in 1817 and is a public university. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 31,329 students (fall 2020), is located in a city, and is 3,207 acres in size. The academic year is divided into three semesters.

The institution glorifies Ann Arbor as one of the top college towns in the United States, despite the fact that it is only 45 minutes from Detroit. While new students are promised accommodation, they are not obligated to live on campus.

Students can join one of the 1,500 student organizations or 62 Greek chapters on campus. The football team’s intense rivalry with Ohio State is a big deal at Michigan. The Stephen M. Ross School of Business, College of Engineering, Law School, and other graduate schools at Michigan are highly regarded.

The University of Michigan is famous for its athletic programs.

  • GPA needed: 3.88
  • Acceptance rate: 26%
  • Contact no. : +1 (734) 764-1817

Is the University of Michigan an Ivy League school?

Yes, the University of Michigan is an Ivy League school. It is among the 15 ivy league schools and is considered an excellent institute in providing quality education.

Is it hard to get into the University of Michigan?

Yes, it is very difficult to get into the University of Michigan as the competition among students is really high there.

8. Ohio State University

Ohio State University

Founded in 1870, Ohio State University —Columbus is a public university. It has 46,984 undergraduate students (fall 2020), is located in an urban area, and covers 1,665 acres. The academic calendar is based on semesters. In the 2023 editions of Best Colleges, Ohio State University—Columbus is ranked #49 among National Universities.

OSU has over 200 undergraduate degrees to choose from, as well as a Personalized Study Program that allows students to customize their education. The college of education and human ecology, the Max M. Fisher College of Business, and the college of medicine all offer a number of graduate degrees.

More than 1,000 on-campus clubs and organizations, including more than 60 student groups, are available to students, as well as the Pay It Forward program. The Ohio State Buckeyes compete in the NCAA Division I Large Ten Conference, and sports are a big component of campus life. Unless they are from Central Ohio and can travel, all freshmen must live on campus. OSU also offers study abroad opportunities in more than 75 countries.

Ohio State University is famous for its welding engineering program.

  • GPA needed: 3.83
  • Acceptance rate: 54%
  • Address: 281 WEST LANE AVE COLUMBUS, OH 43210
  • Contact no. : 614-292-OHIO

Is Ohio State a good university?

Yes definitely, Ohio State University is one of the best national universities that provide quality education to its students.

Is Ohio State University an Ivy League?

It is not exactly an Ivy League college but the quality of education here is no less than any elite school in the US.

9. New York University

New York University

New York University was founded in 1831 and is a private college. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 27,444 students (fall 2020), and it is located in an urban environment. The academic calendar is based on semesters. In the 2023 editions of Best Colleges, New York University is ranked #28 among National Universities.

The College of Arts and Sciences is NYU’s largest school. The Tisch School of the Arts, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in acting, dancing, dramatic writing, cinema, television, and more, is the place to attend if you’re interested in drama or film. Directors Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee are both former Tisch students.

New York University is famous for its research quality and quality education.

  • GPA needed: 3.69
  • Acceptance rate: 16%
  • Address: 383 LAFAYETTE ST NEW YORK, NY 10003
  • Contact no. : (212) 992-7042

Is NYU a top university?

Yes, NYU is considered the top university in the world. It is ranked number 46th according to the QS World University Rankings. Its students have unlimited career opportunities.

Is NYU Ivy League?

It is not exactly an Ivy League college but the quality of education here is no less than any elite school in the US.

10. University of Washington

University of Washington

The University of Washington, established in 1861, is a public university. It has 35,582 undergraduate students (fall 2020), is located in an urban setting, and covers 634 acres. The academic calendar is divided into quarters. In the Best Colleges 2023 edition, the University of Washington is ranked #59 in National Universities.

The University of Washington, which is located north of downtown Seattle, is one of the West Coast’s oldest public universities. It’s also a cutting-edge research school that receives considerable federal funding each year and hosts an annual undergraduate research symposium where students can exhibit their work to the public. The school of medicine, the college of engineering, and the Michael G. Foster School of Business are all highly regarded at the university.

The university’s School of Medicine, College of Engineering, and Michael G. Foster School of Business are all highly regarded. Students can join one of the campus’s 950+ student organizations, which include roughly 70 sororities and fraternities. Almost three-quarters of UW graduates stay in the state after graduation.

The University of Washington is famous for its medical school.

  • GPA needed: 3.8
  • Acceptance rate: 50%
  • Address: 1400 NE CAMPUS PARKWAY SEATTLE, WA 98195
  • Contact no. :206-543-2100

Why is UW ranked so low?

UW is ranked low because of the lower graduation rate as compared to the other universities of the same category.

Is the University of Washington prestigious?

Yes, the University of Washington is a prestigious institute. It provides high-quality education and is one of the largest universities on the West Coast of the US.

Best Neurosurgery Schools to get into – FAQs

What major is best for neurosurgery?
For the neurosurgery program, one has to study medical science in graduation to have a proper understanding of human anatomy. After that one has to focus o different subjects related to biology.
How many years does it take to become a neurosurgeon?
It takes 5 to 7 years to complete the neurosurgery degree and to become a neurosurgeon.
Which is the best country to study neurosurgery?
The United States is considered to be the best country to study neurosurgery. Neurosurgery demands hard work and compassion.



Neurosurgeons are the doctors who have to complete the 5 to 7 years degree to be certified doctors. We have helped you in finding the best neurosurgery university. All the information is given related to these universities, you can choose any one of them.

I hope this article will help you in building your career as a neurosurgeon.

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