Education has become easily accessible and affordable for everyone so far. And the internet has played a major role in making it possible. Since the internet has become so widely available, distance education has been given yet another avenue to spread.

Distance education appeals to students because it can be personalized according to their schedules, and this is particularly helpful for those in careers who wish to obtain additional degrees online or continue their studies along with their jobs to manage their expenses in a better possible way.

People are often interested to know “Can you get a student loan for distance learning?” The answer is, yes. You definitely can. This is another great thing about online education that you can even apply for loans if you can’t afford the expenses. There are certain procedures to be followed for this cause, which are different according to each institute that supports the student loans.

Financial Aid for Students

There are many institutes that offer financial aid to their students in order to facilitate the students. Different types f financial aid could be:

  • College Scholarships
  • Federal Aids
  • State Aids
  • Employer Assistance
  • Loans

It is important to complete the FAFSA and investigate funding opportunities available to different schools. This is the first step to qualifying for Aid.

Can You Get Student Loans for Online Colleges?

Can You Get Student Loans for Online Colleges

Yes. There are many institutes that offer Student loans. The condition is that your online degree must be eligible for the Federal loan program. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a comparable form is typically required for most student loan programs, whether federal or private.

Make sure you are pretty sure about applying for the loan and that you’re very much serious about your studies as well. Because when you’re studying through loans, you have to be very responsible if you are serious about your career building.

Types of Financial Aid

There is an overview of the types of financial aid students can pursue to help cover the costs of tuition and higher education.

  1. Federal aid
  2. Private Students Loan
  3. State Aid
  4. Scholarships
  5. Work-study programs
  6. Employer Tuition Assistance
  7. College/University Assistance

Types of Financial Aid

1.  Federal aid

In the United States of America, the students are provided financial aid in different forms. Students can apply for loans and grants to avail themselves of the federal aid opportunity for their educational needs. Federal student aid is actually a government organization that is working under the United States. For a long time, this organization had played an important role in the provision of financial support to the students.

There are some students who do not have a strong family background on the basis of finances. Those students want to get educated and contribute to the prosperity and development of their nation but these people are always left behind due to the lack of financial resources.

The federal student aid has been created by the government to take special care of this issue by providing aid facilities to the students of lower-class families.

2.  Private Students Loan

Higher education is important for every individual of a nation to make that nation progress collectively.  In most cases, higher education would require a student to pay a huge amount of money for his or her university. To make it easy for the students, the government of the United States has started private student loan facilities that are enabling the students to get loans to pay their educational dues.

The interest on the loan was not fixed and it could be increased or decreased depending upon the circumstances at that time.

3.  State Aid

One of the most important steps that the government of the USA has taken to enable the students to get a better education in their country is the bringing of the estate aid. The state aid accounts for providing loan facilities to the students who were eligible for it to meet their educational expenses.

In many institutes of the USA, the educational costs are much higher than the average earning of the individuals. The state aid is providing great support to the students to study in those best quality institutions. The state aid is controlled by the individual states of the United States of America.

4.  Scholarships

Scholarships are also the best thing that enables the students of the USA to learn in the best universities of the united states and contribute to the betterment of the nation.

The scholarships money is used to pay the dues of the educational institutions of the students. These scholarships are provided on the basis of the academic performance of the students. Those students that have performed well in their previous years are granted various kinds of scholarships for their educational needs.

5.  Work-study programs

A work-study program is another best thing that is allowing the students of the USA to earn their money and pay their educational expenses. In a work-study program, the students are given part times jobs by which they can earn a reasonably good amount of money and pay their educational charges.

By providing loans to the students, they can easily pay their educational charges, but the best thing is that to provide them work opportunities so that they may become practical members of the country.

6.  Employer Tuition Assistance

As long as the program of study and related expenses are within the guidelines of that company’s specific policy, a tuition reimbursement program can cover some or all of an employee’s educational costs. This policy can be used for the graduate as well as the undergraduate degree program.

You will generally have to include tuition assistance over $5,250 in your yearly tax return if you receive it from your employer.

7.  College/University Assistance

International students can receive a limited amount of financial aid from the financial aid offices of many U.S. colleges and universities. Although students in the U.S. have much more money available for graduate studies than undergraduate study, it is much less for undergraduates. There are sometimes discounts for private institutions, but this is rare at public institutions.

Online Colleges that Accept FASFA

There is a list of some colleges that Accept FASFA:

  1. Baker College
  2. Southern New Hampshire University
  3. Grand Canyon University
  4. University of Florida
  5. Purdue University Global
  6. Penn State World Campus
  7. St. John’s University
  8. Concordia University-Portland

Online Colleges that Accept FASFA

1.  Baker College

In order to offer their graduates a competitive advantage in the job market, Baker College’s online programs were built in line with the demands of today’s market. The school offers more than 40 certificates, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees 100% online, with no class requirements on campus.

Baker College

Notable Programs They Offer:

  • Master Degrees in Business Administration
  • Associate degrees in Applied Science and Business
  • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Certificate in Web Development

Why Baker College?

Student participation in the six-week program involves interactions in group settings and extended discussion.

Students who qualify for financial aid can apply for it through Baker Online.

With tuition typically half that of other major online colleges, students have a more affordable way to pursue an education online.


2.  Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

For students who wish to pursue a degree at SNHU, we offer three different learning formats. There are three formats available: online courses, on-campus courses, and hybrid courses.

Financial Aid

Before the end of the financial aid application period, all students should submit a FAFSA. Your next step is to receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), which summarizes your FAFSA, the amount of financial aid you are eligible for, and the amount you can expect to pay. All student loans require this step.


Student success is SNHU’s number one priority. Due to this, they strive to make the credit transfer process as seamless as possible. Also, up to 90 credits can often be transferred for bachelor’s degree programs.


3.  Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers quality education and flexible schedules. Their online degree programs help you advance your career in today’s complex business environment.

While studying online at GCU, you will be supported by a variety of technical support professionals and academic counselors who can help you. There are resources to provide you with the assistance you need to succeed on your degree path.

Notable Programs Offered

  1. Psychology and Counselling
  2. Business and Management
  3. Nursing and Health Care
  4. Engineering and Technology
  5. Language and Communications

Why GCU?

In contrast to other colleges, GCU is known for its consistently high academic standards and co-curricular activities. Students at the University have ample opportunities to discover their own abilities, explore their strengths, and prepare themselves for life’s challenges.


4.  University of Florida

University of Florida

The University of Florida provides need-based financial aid to 40% of full-time undergraduates, with an average scholarship or grant award of $8,144. There are 35,405 undergraduate students at the University of Florida, with 44% male students and 56% female students. 24% of students live on campus and 76% live off-campus; there are no college-owned, -operated, or affiliated residence halls at this school.

Why UF?

UF offers a wide range of academic opportunities on four campuses, few of which can match UF’s. Once you graduate from a Gator program, you’ll have access to one of the world’s largest alumni networks.


5.  Purdue University Global

Purdue Global University – Overview

Purdue Global aims to make its online education easy to access and use by using advanced technology and facilitating delivery methods. Online classes and seminars can be accessed with a click of a mouse. Email and message boards are useful tools for communicating with other students and faculty members.

Why Purdue?

Students have completely free access to online libraries. Thousands of books and journals are available for different degree programs. Further services include assistance via email, course guides, video tutorials, and other teaching aids.


6.  Penn State World Campus

Online Colleges that Accept FASFA - Penn State World Campus

More than 150 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs can be completed online at Penn State World Campus, a centralized delivery unit for online learning managed by academic units and colleges within Penn State.

In addition to units that specialize in developing and delivering high-quality degrees, Penn State World Campus is home to a team of professionals that focuses solely on providing our students with the academic and support services required for success.

Why Penn State?

Helping students build better communities around the World is the main aim of the institute. Penn State faculty in the colleges work closely with teams to deliver high-quality programs online to students who cannot attend Penn State campuses due to geography or lifestyle issues.


7.  St. John’s University

St. John’s University

The university offers some kind of financial help to more than 96% of its students. Students and their families are provided with a FAFSA checklist by St. John’s Office of Student Financial Services. A laptop computer and a number of services are provided to online degree students, including library resources, career guidance, etc.

Notable Programs

  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Science
  • Ph.D. in Literacy


8.  Concordia University-Portland

Concordia University-Portland

Entrance scholarships are automatically considered for all applicants. Bursaries may also be available to you depending on your financial situation. Many students at Concordia choose Concordia because of its lower tuition and fees.

Notable Programs Offered

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Art History
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Educational Technology


Can I get a student loan for distance learning?
Yes. Many of the institutes offer student loans for facilitating their students. All you have to do is be eligible for the loan and complete the procedure required for that. Just like campus-based students, distant learners can also apply for student loans.
Does FASFA cover online certificate programs?
It will probably be more difficult for you to find a graduate certificate training program that accepts federal financial aid but not impossible. Distance learning is available at both brick-and-mortar schools and those that only offer online classes.
Who is eligible for a student loan?
A U.S. citizen or permanent resident is at least required to qualify for federal student loans. Private student loans require good credit, income, and more. You can get a Maintenance Loan if you are eligible for student finance, and you can get more if your household income is high enough.


Our Verdict

Online education may sometimes be very tough. We recommend you do detailed research on the institutes that offer online education and what options do they have for you. And then make a decision for an institute that suits you best, both financially and educationally.


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