The University of Georgia is one of the oldest public research institutes in the United States, established in 1785. The campus is situated in Athens, Georgia. The quality of education here is no less than the IVY league universities.

This university is considered to be one of the best universities in the United States providing high-quality education. Its admission criteria are highly selective so, it’s not a piece of cake to take admission to the university of Georgia.

More than 800 different organizations are running in the institute including debate society, religious organizations, sports organizations, and many more. The university also grants scholarships and financial aid to its students that help them in their education.

The total number of undergraduate students studying in this institute is  29,848. The campus is spread out over more than 767 acres of area.

Is the University of Georgia a good school?

The University of Georgia is an excellent school imparting the highest quality of education to its students. The faculty here is nation-wise reputed, having doctoral degrees.

This is the first American university that is public and state-supported. According to the 2022 runnings, The University of Georgia is ranked #47 among the Best National Universities.

The in-state tuition and fee are $12,080 whereas the out-state tuition and fee are $31,120.

This university is basically known for amazing research activities like agricultural and sea-based programs.  University is also well-reputed for organizing different athletic competitions for fundraising to help the children of Atlanta.

There are many notable alumni of this university that includes U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, Food Network personality Alton Brown and AFLAC CEO Dan Amos.

Is the University of Georgia a good school

University of Georgia Ranking

The University of Georgia is #47 among the best colleges in National Universities. All the rankings depend on certain factors that are determined by the Higher Learning Commission. So according to the 2022 rankings, the university is awarded by the following rankings:

  • Colleges with the Best Student Life in America #3 of 1,612
  • Best Colleges for Agricultural Sciences in America #3 of 142
  • Top Party Schools in America #6 of 1,612
  • Best Greek Life Colleges in America #6 of 824
  • Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in America #6 of 814
  • Best Colleges for Sports Management in America #7 of 435
  • Best Colleges for Communications in America #9 of 917
  • Top Public Universities in America #11 of 691
  • Best College Food in America #12 of 1,392
  • Best Colleges for Kinesiology and Physical Therapy in America #12 of 585
  • Best Big Colleges in America #12 of 128
  • Best College Campuses in America #13 of 1,419
  • Best Colleges for Education in America #13 of 921
  • Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in America #18 of 666
  • Best Colleges for Business in America #22 of 1,223
  • Best Colleges for Public Health in America #24 of 245
  • Best Colleges for Student Athletes in America #30 of 1,400
  • Best Colleges for Music in America #31 of 274
  • Best Colleges for International Relations in America #33 of 410
  • Colleges with the Best Professors in America #36 of 1,624
  • Best College Athletics in America #36 of 1,422
  • Best Colleges for Public Policy in America #41 of 623
  • Best Colleges for Anthropology and Sociology in America #43 of 759
  • Best Colleges for Architecture in America #43 of 156
  • Best Colleges for Psychology in America #44 of 1,100
  • Best Colleges that Accept the Common App in America #50 of 685
  • Best Test Optional Colleges in America #55 of 1,535
  • Best Colleges in America #57 of 1,652
  • Best Colleges for Biology in America #58 of 1,079
  • Best Colleges for Economics in America #61 of 586
  • Best Colleges for Political Science in America #66 of 804
  • Best Colleges for Engineering in America #67 of 467
  • Best Colleges for Environmental Science in America #69 of 631
  • Best Colleges for Math in America #70 of 772
  • Best Colleges for Computer Science in America #79 of 868
  • Colleges with the Best Academics in America #83 of 1,653
  • Best Colleges for Film and Photography in America #89 of 278
  • Best Colleges for History in America #93 of 899
  • Best Colleges for Chemistry in America #101 of 651
  • Best Colleges for Art in America #105 of 733
  • Best Colleges for Philosophy in America #109 of 458
  • Best Colleges for English in America #113 of 890
  • Best Colleges for Religious Studies in America #126 of 384
  • Best Value Colleges in America #129 of 1,601
  • Best Colleges for Physics in America #130 of 462
  • Best Colleges for Performing Arts in America #141 of 555
  • Hardest Colleges to Get Into in America #144 of 1,702
  • Best College Locations in America #172 of 1,634
  • It is ranked #501-529 in QS World University Rankings as of 2023.
  • The University of Georgia ranking according to us news is #49 among #443 national universities.
  • University of Georgia ranking in Georgia is very positive and it ranked in the top 5 schools in the region.

University of Georgia Global Ranking

The University of Georgia is ranked in world #321 among all the top Global Universities as of 2022.

University of Georgia Acceptance Rate

It’s not easy to take admission to the University of Georgia as the admission criteria are highly selective. It is estimated that out of a total of 28,000 applications only 13,600 applications are accepted by the university last year.

The acceptance rate is 48% which is quite low than other universities in the United States. An ACT score of 29 – 33 or a 1,250 – 1,460 SAT score is required. Advanced Placement (AP) credits and Dual enrollment are also accepted.

Admission Stats in First Year

Application  Acceptance Enrollment 
28,206 13,589 5,620 
Male 11,144
Female 17,032
Male 4,903
Female 8,686
Male 2,059
Female 3,561

University of Georgia Law School Tuition

The University of Georgia is known for providing exceptional law education and has received many high law school rankings. The total estimated cost of the law school is as follows:

Applicant status In-state / Georgia Resident Out-of-state / Nonresident
Tuition $17,018 $38,124
Fees $2,290 $2,290
Total $19,308 $40,414

Student Life

Student life at the University of Georgia is quite exciting, the total number of students admitted to this university is 29,848 of which 43%are male and 57% are female students.

The University of Georgia is well known for sports activities and is part of NCAA I.

The student satisfaction rate of this university is 96%. The student-faculty ratio is 17:1 which is good class size.

There are many organizations and clubs in the college and students are allowed to be part of any of them that suits them most. There are some fun groups, some religious, and some political groups.

Campus Life

University of Georgia Campus Life

The University of Georgia offers some great opportunities to its students. Students can earn while studying because of their career-oriented syllabus. At the end of the course, they can earn a handsome amount.

They want their students to grow spiritually and provide all the world-class facilities for their students. There is a campus security system that remains active all the time. There is 24/7 vehicle patrol, lighted pathways, late-night transport services, etc.

Alcohol is prohibited on the college premises. The campus is well renowned for its active, healthy, and sound students who are determined to take difficult steps in life.

The services and facilities provided to the students are really exceptional. Students have housing facilities, they can participate in different activities and many student services are available.

College-owned housing Yes
Housing requirements Yes
Housing options Co-ed housing
Disabled housing
Women-only housing
% of undergrad students who live in college housing 32%

Student Activities

  • Student-run campus newspaper
  • Drama/theatre group
  • Student-run radio station
  • Student-run television station
  • Marching band
  • Choral groups

Student Services

  • Legal service
  • Health Clinic
  • Personal/psychological counseling
  • Women’s center
  • International students advisor

Special Characteristics

Religious affiliation Not applicable
HAS hospital No
Offer medical degree Yes
Board/Meal plan Yes
Dormitory Capacity Campus Housing Facilities Provided


Students can get all the facilities from this college. They can learn online if they are not able to attend classes. They can get financial aid and student loans to pursue their education. There is a medical facility for the students of the University of Georgia.

Students can take part in many college-provided sports. They also grant athletic financial aid to students.

Housing  Women-only housing
Co-ed housing
Disabled housing
Campus newspaper  Yes
Student-run Radio Yes
Drama/Theatre Groups  Yes
Health Clinic Yes
Women center Yes
Psychological counseling  Yes

General Admission Information

Open Admission Policy Yes
Undergraduate Application Fees $70
Graduate Application Fees $70
Calendar System Semester system
Credits Accepted Dual Credits, Credits for Life Experiences, Advanced Placement (AP) Credits
Degrees Offered 1 Year Certificate, 2 Year Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Post-Bachelor Certificate, Master, Post-Master Certificate, Doctorate (Professional Practice)

2023 Tuition and Fees at the University of Georgia

The tuition and fee for undergraduate and graduate students are different. The tuition and fees are a bit lower than the other universities. Students receive different types of aid that are sufficient enough to pay the tuition and fees

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

The on-campus tuition and fee are $27,958 whereas the off-campus tuition and fee are $26,634 for Georgia resident students. The on-campus tuition and fee are $47,372 whereas the of-campus tuition and fees for non-residents are $46,048.

On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition 9,790 9,790
Fees 2,290 2,290
Books & Supplies 1,032 1,032
Room 6,416* 4,326
Board 4,036 4,036
Transportation 1,224 1,224
Miscellaneous, Living Expenses 3,170 3,936
Total $27,958 $26,634
On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition 28,830 28,830
Fees 2,290 2,290
Books & Supplies 1,032 1,032
Room 6,416* 4,326
Board 4,036 4,036
Transportation 1,598 1,598
Miscellaneous, Living Expenses 3,170 3,936
Total $47,372 $46,048

Graduate Tuition and Fee

The on-campus tuition and fee are $25,944 whereas the off-campus tuition and fee are $28,944 for Georgia resident students. The on-campus tuition and fee are $42,306 whereas the of-campus tuition and fees for non-residents are $44,944.

On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition** 8,704 8,704
Fees 1,706 1,706
Books & Supplies 688 688
Room 6,416* 8,650
Board 4,036 4,036
Transportation 1,224 1,224
Miscellaneous, Living Expenses 3,170 3,936
Total $25,944 $28,944
On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition** 24,692 24,692
Fees 1,706 1,706
Books & Supplies 688 688
Room 6,416* 8,650
Board 4,036 4,036
Transportation 1,598 1,598
Miscellaneous, Living Expenses 3,170 3,574
Total $42,306 $44,944

Tuition per Credit Hour

The tuition per credit hours fees is listed below to help those who want to take some extra credit hours.

Year In-State Out-of-State
Undergraduate 2019-2020 $2,909 $8,555
2020-2021 $2,909 $8,555
2021-2022 $2,909 $8,555
Graduate 2019-2020 $370 $1,050
2020-2021 $370 $1,050
2021-2022 $370 $1,050

University of Georgia all Majors and Degrees

Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, And Related Sciences Associate Bachelors
Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations
Agricultural Communication/journalism
Agricultural Economics
Agriculture, General
Animal Health
Animal Sciences, General
Dairy Science
Food Science
Horticultural Science
Poultry Science
Soil Science And Agronomy, General
Turf And Turfgrass Management
Architecture And Related Services Associate Bachelors
Landscape Architecture
Area, Ethnic, Cultural, And Gender Studies Associate Bachelors
African-American/Black Studies
Latin American And Caribbean Studies
Women’s Studies
Biological And Biomedical Sciences Associate Bachelors
Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
Botany/Plant Biology
Cell/Cellular Biology And Histology
Genetics, General
Microbiology, General
Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services Associate Bachelors
Business Administration And Management, General
Business/Commerce, General
Business/Managerial Economics
Fashion Merchandising
Finance, General
Hospitality Administration/Management, General
International Business/trade/commerce
Management Information Systems, General
Marketing/Marketing Management, General
Real Estate
Communication, Journalism, And Related Programs Associate Bachelors
Digital Communication And Media/multimedia
Public Relations/image Management
Speech Communication And Rhetoric
Computer And Information Sciences And Support Services Associate Bachelors
Computer Science
Education Associate Bachelors
Agricultural Teacher Education
Early Childhood Education And Teaching
English/Language Arts Teacher Education
Family And Consumer Sciences/home Economics Teacher Education
Foreign Language Teacher Education
Junior High/intermediate/middle School Education And Teaching
Mathematics Teacher Education
Music Teacher Education
Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education
Social Studies Teacher Education
Special Education And Teaching, General
Engineering Associate Bachelors
Agricultural Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Biological/Biosystems Engineering
Civil Engineering, General
Computer Engineering, General
Electrical And Electronics Engineering
Environmental/environmental Health Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
English Language And Literature/Letters Associate Bachelors
English Language And Literature, General
Family And Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences Associate Bachelors
Consumer Economics
Family And Consumer Sciences/human Sciences Communication
Family Resource Management Studies, General
Housing And Human Environments, General
Human Development And Family Studies, General
Foreign Languages, Literature, And Linguistics Associate Bachelors
Arabic Language And Literature
Classics And Classical Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics, General
Comparative Literature
East Asian Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics, General
French Language And Literature
German Language And Literature
Romance Languages, Literature, And Linguistics, General
Russian Language And Literature
Spanish Language And Literature
Health Professions And Related Clinical Sciences Associate Bachelors
Athletic Training/trainer
Communication Sciences And Disorders, General
Environmental Health
Music Therapy/therapist
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Public Health Education And Promotion
History Associate Bachelors
History, General
Liberal Arts And Sciences, General Studies And Humanities Associate Bachelors
Liberal Arts And Sciences/Liberal Studies
Mathematics And Statistics
Mathematics, General Associate Bachelors
Statistics, General
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
Biological And Physical Sciences
Cognitive Science, General
Computational Science
Marine Sciences
Nutrition Sciences
Natural Resources And Conservation Associate Bachelors
Environmental Science
Environmental/Natural Resource Recreation And Tourism
Forestry, General
Wildlife, Fish, And Wildlands Science And Management
Parks, Recreation, Leisure, And Fitness Studies Associate Bachelors
Exercise Science And Kinesiology
Sport And Fitness Administration/management
Sports, Kinesiology, And Physical Education/Fitness, General
Philosophy And Religious Studies Associate Bachelors
Religion/religious Studies
Physical Sciences Associate Bachelors
Atmospheric Sciences And Meteorology, General
Chemistry, General
Geology/earth Science, General
Physics, General
Psychology Associate Bachelors
Psychology, General
Public Administration And Social Service Professions Associate Bachelors
Social Work
Security And Protective Services Associate Bachelors
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
Social Sciences Associate Bachelors
Anthropology, General
Economics, General
International Relations And Affairs
Political Science And Government, General
Sociology, General
Visual And Performing Arts Associate Bachelors
Art History, Criticism And Conservation
Art/art Studies, General
Dance, General
Drama And Dramatics/theatre Arts, General
Film/cinema/media Studies
Fine/Studio Arts, General
Music Performance, General
Music Theory And Composition
Music, General

Key Stats

Total Enrollment 36170
International Students 2615(7.2%)
Undergraduate Enrollment 28262
International Students 1131(4.0%)
Graduate Enrollment 7908
International Students 1484(18.8%)

Financial Aid

The scholarships and financial aid are awarded on the criteria of need-based or merit. To get the need based financial aid the university will see the family’s financial background history to check whether the student is eligible for the need-based financial aid or not.

Almost 41% of students are able to get financial aid in their first year of study at the University of Georgia. The financial aid is provided through FAFSA. The estimated average amount of aid received by the students is $11,227.

Whereas scholarships or merit-based financial aid is provided to the serving students who are intelligent and talented. The total estimated amount of the scholarships awarded to the students in the first year is $3,756 which is enough to pay 74% of the university’s needs.


Is UGA a Top 30 school?

Bottom Line

The  University of Georgia is a public state institute providing quality education since 1785. Their job-oriented course helps students to continue their careers while studying in college. The faculty here is well-trained and well-reputed nationwide. The student-teacher ratio is 17:1 which is beneficial not only for the teachers but also for students.

Teachers incorporate the skills in the students that make them good citizens. The financial aid plans are very helpful for students to pursue their education without any hassle or financial crisis.

The acceptance rate of the university is very low so students have to do some extra effort to get admission.

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